Celebration Dedicated to…

a dedicationHaa…. Anita, you are pushing me to publish this blog up before my research is complete. Last year I looked at the fun day dedications, this year I am tracing the UN and WHO dedications. Of course some random dedications here and there, like the all  important World Chocolate Day dedication.

Actually the west calls it dedications, we call festivals, if you look at it is the same.

plinky memoriesPost world war we have had cultural shifts and people were uprooted, economic equations, and power wielders have changed. So day dedication became a way to create a inclusive society and inclusive collective history.

It was also a way to reconnect to an ideology.

A day dedication to a cause, actually lets us take stock of where we began, where are we now, and where would we like to go ahead, it allows people to share their journey’s. it is a way of acknowledging the people who have achieved. It brings together people who are dedicated to a cause, it allows for an awareness to be created, which in turn could trigger a change.

xammi- soap boxThen each year has its own theme, so that, the relevant area gets nurtured or highlighted through the year.

Unfortunately day dedications are appropriated by the ad-men and we have some really interesting day dedication, like USA has a day dedicated to underwear! I am not jocking (pun indented.)

Coming to what would I dedicate a day to… I here by declare the world shall dedicate this day the 8th of July to Pani Puri for posterity … on this day we shall binge on the ultimate soul food the Pani Puriwho am I

Do you ask me why?

Think about this, every Hindi movie lets you know that the pauper princess brings prince charming to terra firma by introducing him to the Pani-puri at the street. The choice could not more symbolic, for pani puri represents the ultimate Indian way of life,  our socialistic and democratic values manifesting, digest it or not…  it is the truth

panipuri (3)Dough made of flour, our staple food.

Deep fried as small puri’s telling us that we all deserved to be pampered.

The filling is made pulses, my mother used to give us sprouted moong instead of the alu-channa combination, we protested when she tried introducing grated carrot. But yes an array of mashed veggies can be used.

The sweet date chutney, again dates are high on nutrition value.

The spicy water reboots a dying digestive system.panipuri (2)

It is the ideal food that Ayurveda talks about, light, with all the flavours and yet pampers the tongue.

The puffed puri with rounded edge is like the crust of the earth, and the like the earth is covered with 70% water the Panipuri holds 70% water too. this makes it a good summer snack, and the spicy water makes it a good way to dispel colds and de-clog a blocked nose.

As a business venture it is excellent, it can be served asynchronously, it allows for extensions, and up gradation into Sevi-Puri, Dahi-Puri, Ragda Puri. It allows every consumer to titter the dish to his or her own personal preference of sweet- sour- spice without troubling the person who is serving.

this article is an excerpt from my NANOWRMO writing.

But most importantly no matter where you eat it, if eaten in the right manner it is a humbling experience, the hand that serves is always above the hand that receives.

Coming to How I would celebrate it, there would be no two ways, we would have a Chat party that would include Chaat.

But between you and me, let me let you in on a secret of day dedications and celebrations — “When a bumptious person can’t satiate oneself with an empty praise from others, s/he may go a step further to organize a get-together to bring all people of own nature under a single roof to meet, deliberate, celebrate, collaborate, greet, treat , appreciate or even felicitate one another.”
― Anuj Somany

This Blog is written for the 125th edition of Indispire by Indiblogger. Blog prompt If you could dedicate a day for a special  someone or something, you love/hate, who/what would it be ? and How will you celebrate it? Prompt by Anita who blogs at http://www.anitaexplorer.com/


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  1. The way KFC and McDonald are replacing traditional taste buds especially among children, the day may come when we may actually have a day dedicated to pani puri or some ethnic delicacy.

    1. not really, my daughter stuffed the Pani-puri into a sandwich and that is kind of a rage, I see Pani-puri stalls right outside schools and the vendor serving the Pani-puri with gloves. Vada paav, Samosa and Pani-puri still rule the roost

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