Imaginem Terribilis

I remember this particular Asterix comic where the fearless Vikings on a world rampage to discover the meaning of fear, they kidnap Justforkix the son the a Gaul chief, so off go our gallant Gaul’s Asterix and Obelix to rescue him. But the Vikings are reluctant to release him, until they learn the meaning of... Continue Reading →


On Giving and Receiving

Joy of giving... Is there joy in giving, of course, the day gave it back verbally to a figure of authority who persistently put me down, was so empowering, I gifted myself the permission to reclaim my self esteem. The day gave the physical blow to my abuser I gifted myself liberation from feeling a... Continue Reading →

We are all Samurai’s

#BeAHero, Well Anita you have asked me to take my session three for the course I conducted on theatre for the BBA students. Anyway, this is like putting it together... There is a vital question you left out who is a hero or defining a hero ... a person greatly admired for his great or... Continue Reading →

A soliloqy

Dear 16 old me, Here I am listening Ted talking about is vision for himself 5yrs down the line.  He is looking at the balance of life, his physical space, his work space, his emotional space, his financial space. I wish I could have done the same for you. Well but that was a different... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Life

Every month 25th-30th I am at Manipal I have my hypnotherapy clinic.  Last time I went there our it Aunt Kasturi’s 70th birthday and her niece Jyothi had a party for her, the previous day, as we were dinner, Aunt Kasturi mentioned “I am told old for all this birthday party and things like that.”... Continue Reading →

Between Doing and Being

#discoverlife What are you running after? Step back enjoy life, nature, family or anything you love. The first thought that came to me when I read this prompt on Friday morning was there is judgement here, and then an interrogation.  It was so incongruous like running after something is doing question, while enjoying is a... Continue Reading →

Fill In the Blank

She opened a blank page, in her note book, if she had to be honest Narmada would confess, the entire book was blank. Each day for the past two months she has been sitting to think of what to write, there were things that set her arse on fire, but putting them on paper gave... Continue Reading →

Mask and me

  Mirror, mirror on the wall, Give me the right mask of them all, Before you ask, I believe my mask, For it makes the man who is me, The stench so foul, the offensive odours With my mask on...stops people’s shudder. The putrid rotting meat, The mask of spices allows us eat. I believe... Continue Reading →

An Unfinished Story

I am listening to this tape on decluttering by Cheryl Richardson, about this woman who wanted to clean up place but each time she did so, the stuff came right back. So she put all the clutter in the centre said a prayer to it, and asked why was it refusing to go, what came... Continue Reading →

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