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The authoritative figure  of  Ramaraya Bellemane, better known as Ray-bells, which is occasionally  glossed over as Rebel tells me”The about page is the most important page of a blog”. Now if Ray-bell was the only one to tell me so, I would flare my nostrils and snort to give the empress of Blandings a run for her money, but other Netizen’s and Doyen’s of the Netiworld, like Rama Arya also assure me the same, well for who I am… if you are up to horror stories, and putting up with a persona suffering from Agraphia.. here is where you step in.. about the Cantadora

Cantadora’s in the ancient civilizations are women who safe guarded the stories and shared them when the time of the story came.

This blog is  where I let my hair down and compete with Medusa on her bad hair day. I  am allowed to experiment and let the lab go Kaboom or have you sniffing, or even get you to pull your hair out.

I stretch my legs, and depending on who wants to tap my Infosys (thats my information system and nothing to do with Narayanamurthy) you can join me either at Drone’s club or the speaking tree, or just the chronicles of unheard voices.

It’s the weekend, pick up your pakoda’s, khakra’s finger chips whatever you your ciliary cells sin with, the Coffea Robusta or the Malt in the cellar..

Lets call for the Munch, and call for Crunch and call on our drinking spree

Queen Ma-hmm doodle by Parwati Singari

When the portrait is ready you can even go through the pictures of Aunt Agatha my very nosy bossy aunt. Parimala-akka the gossip next door, Sir Roderick Glossop who has retired to make way for Sid and Sarah as the custodians of the loony-bin.

Ram Bhavan the plebiscite version of the élite Drone’s club, so on so forth. Will also be featured in the near future with the address and the contact address.

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