Pinch an Inch

It’s already Thursday now I have still not figured who this Tim McGraw fellow is... what I see is a pied piper like person, jaunty with a multi-coloured, multi-textured joker’s outfit skipping along A pinch from the right, a inch on the left. Hmm, sounds interesting. The next visual is this multi-hued personality playing a... Continue Reading →


The Secret Need of the future…Specialist or Generalist.

With distraction from Robusta or 91 springboard entrapped by the rains, I can devote myself to musing over Durgadasji’s point to ponder about #specialistVsGernalist. He also wanted to know about being polymath. Now I always thought Polymath was different schools of math like Vedic, abacus and whatever new, but friends Merriam-Webster say it is otherwise... Continue Reading →

Damn Lies about Domestic Chores.

This #ShareTheLoad should have been over long ago, but Ariel continues with it.  They claim to call it a relevant question. Are we teaching our sons what we are teaching our daughters? I do not know about the people who are out there, as I observe and interact with the younger kids, I think we... Continue Reading →

Truth About Inspirational Books in 3mnts.

Inspiration I have given up the familiar comforts of 91 springboards, Mango meadows, or the nostalgic rejuvenation that comes from Ram Bhavan to spend a week at Lucknow and revisit my a Hypnotherapy module with Rajesh Singh who runs theAntarmann Wellness studio . From what I gather the bunch of kids here would like to... Continue Reading →

The Reader The Writer and the Third Angle.

India could soon have more writers than readers. – Ruskin Bond. 91 springboards has started a book club I see kids busy talking about their. Then the number of literary festivals popping, more books.  Maybe what the Bond fellow said... not James machchan I am talking about the fellow from Dehradun the Wannabe native son... Continue Reading →

Beats Logic.

“if it cannot be logically explained it is illogic” is probably what we wrote when Mary Kutty gave us our “write the opposite children” English test. “the truth need not be logical, it can be subjective.” I think Devdutt Pattnaik said this his book Myth and Mythology. Or rather the subjective truth is mythology. The... Continue Reading →

To Forget Or Not is the Question.

“I am telling you I am suffering from Alzheimer’s,” “I tend to forget this is VitB12 deficiency ” I forget the names of people who declare this, though the voices that ring . We are quite economical in our words instead of “my memory fails” we put it in a single word “forget.” From the... Continue Reading →

Discovering the definition of Faith

Haa! What a way to welcome New Year. Fortunately the Tuluva is me very strong, so I keep a straight face and say  Yugadi on 14th /15th of the month. I should check the Majestic calendar. What is published in the Majestic calendar is faithfully followed by the Tulu Brahman’s all over. In case you... Continue Reading →

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