Simple Technique of Teaching Values to Kids.

The heat outside the coffee bar of international centre where GALF is happening,( Oh! GALF is the goa literary and art festival ) is excruciating. Inside the air-conditioned coffee bar, the decibel levels are so high that my poor tympanic membrane is exhausted, not to mention the aroma of coffee, tobacco and sweat (that’s three... Continue Reading →


Of Inspiration and Expiration.

If you're reading this... Congratulations, you're alive. If that's not something to smile about, then I don't know what is.” ― Chad Sugg, Monsters Under Your Head My system has its cycle of inspiration and expiration right. I inhale oxygen I presume pure and exhale carbondioxide which in turn is inhaled by the trees in... Continue Reading →

Ageless ageing

Sunday morning, 11 am an obscene hour I am nursing a hangover, and I see this question on the “lets cerebrate” board of the drone’s club. What age will I pick for the rest of my life and why. I gup the nearly cold coffee, I then call for my wipe, I call my idli... Continue Reading →

Get Fit or Get Out in seven steps

Robusta does not ignite inspiration. Blogadda requests us write an advertisement for a fitness center. We get the week end to write it. Blogadda is also specific that we write about features, how it will help people who join what’s in for different ages, wow there is membership drive on. there are brownie points for... Continue Reading →

Happy To Be Imperfect.

The question calls for   An old merry soul,   A perfect soul called me,   I call for my pipe, and I call for my tea   And I call for my thoughts come free   This is an empowering ditty and today Mr.Bhattaram, tickled our grey cells, he brought up perfection.   Let... Continue Reading →

Justice and Revenge.

“I am tired I do not want to fight anymore, I feel fed up.” “You cannot give up now; you have to keep on fighting it is not about you it is about justice”— The words came to SoviDevi, she was tired, but there was the eternal dilemma in her, there was only place where... Continue Reading →

To Resort or Hotel — a choice

The Drone’s club is quiet, the invigorating essence, of Robusta wafts in, its peace on earth and heaven what the Ma PooriKurma would call in her spiritual session as the perfect octagon space. The spiritual kinds claim when there is harmony between the heaven and earth their geometric shapes, merge to create the octagon, now,... Continue Reading →

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