The Mediocrity Mystery

Here I am at my very own Drones club 91Springboard sipping my tea when Chits and Chats showed up. “how was the week” I asked Chits “average, “was the answer and Chats contributed “mediocre, we survived.” The words again Mediocrity like the prompt on indispire. Are/aren’t we condoning mediocrity by celebrating it? There is nothing... Continue Reading →

Insights Into Herd Behavior.

It’s Friday again, this time quiet prevails at 91 springboard and Rambhavan has begun its takeaways. Not bad at all the cherry topping is Sid and Sarah are busy with their practise and so am I. I’m like Hermione from Harry Potter when a question is asked I have to raise my hand, if no... Continue Reading →

Beauty Beckons.

Ambe ma temple was lit. The prince looked royal, his Scythian ancestors had served him well.  Prayers to Ambe were over and  princess Ratnavati stood before the prince with the ritual lamp; and his sword. Handing him the sword and applying the tilak she quietly walked away. There was neither concern nor fear in her... Continue Reading →

How little is little

Do you think we can do a Kerala and request for Ram Bhavan to be open? It is that little plate of golibhajje and the steel tumbler of kaapi that is messing up with me. The muse for the week was little things can make a lot of difference in life, how do you appreciate... Continue Reading →

Cheat Sheet On disappointment.

#dealingwithdisappointment. By the authority of Barbara Cortland I understand that Victorian English aristocracy trotted down to a bath for rejuvenation. Before you see images of bathtub with clad and unclad bodies, like a fishmonger’s shop, let me make it clear that a bath was a resort or rather a wellness centre. For people of superior... Continue Reading →

Rule of the Rule

Do I follow rules? How do I feel  when I see people flouting guidelines, culture, tradition. The #followrules. Hmm... to me that translates to straight walk a trodden path, don’t take risks, don’t be creative. Get the drift. But before we go there. Here’s what Merriam-Webster have to say about rules. Rules are a prescribed... Continue Reading →

Creating the New Normal.

How am I dealing with Lockdown? if you remember Pop-Glossop’s early sessions, you will remember that homeostasis is the normal and when we sense threat to our survival we go into the fight flight option for our survival. Since our survival was safe, we created a homeostasis for the rest of the things. in my... Continue Reading →

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