Understanding Hidden Blessings.

Unlike, the dark underbelly revolutionary meets of the Ram Bhavan, when the persona of Madam Hyde dominant and planning of Machiavellian revolution would be planned to unsuccessful execution, the Drone’s club meets in an elite environment where the same Krishna udupa of Ram-bhavan serves his Rs.7/- kaapi at Rs.70/- calling it the “Robusta Rotunda.” The cup is of course the size of the Japanese... Continue Reading →


Bhutadarshanam of Doordarshan

My memories of Doordarshan “by 9.30 these rituals will be over, we can breakfast and watch Mahabharat, before we move on the other rituals” our family purohit Maradeya was saying.  The nurses would request for a 10 – 11 break to watch Mahabharat. That box that screen which was within a box and a door... Continue Reading →

Discover A Blessing In Disguise

There comes the aunty from next door, “What are you doing alone,” Sasha’s instinct was to say hatching eggs, but one did not say to the nosy Rashmi aunty next door, who would let loose her Punjabi vocabulary. “Waiting for my friend” “Good to see you, out glad you are not letting the scars bother... Continue Reading →

Secret Shame

The first time I saw her, she was pale diminutive almost bordering frail.  She was definitely agitated and fingers constantly twining untwining,  sometimes clawing. Her mother  went on, about how she had withdrawn, run away from home and that she was mentally disturbed. Disturbed she was, but not in the sense her mother put it. “Mrs.... Continue Reading →

The Silent Warrior

The train was already in the Huballi platform. It was almost an hour more before the train left for Ahmedabad, they would reach Ahmedabad early next morning at 7am not a bad deal, the afternoon would go in a much needed nap, and then of course the book, by the time the train reached Panel... Continue Reading →

A Drift

I returned to Shantala’s after a long time, and met Arundathi, a school friend, “Hi” she said, “Hi”I replied “Hi, nice to see you” “Yeah nice to see you too” I flashed my best smile, that didn’t reach my eye and hot footed right out. It is rather sad when after the few moments of conversation... Continue Reading →

Seven Pointers to my younger self.

Truth be said, no matter  who doles the advice, my younger self would definitely not listen.  Like all teenagers, I knew I was invincible think of it, a teenager cannot be born  a teenager cannot die  a teenager is essentially a bundle of confused energies shooting all around the place and like all energies teenagers... Continue Reading →

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