Just Musing.

Hmm, its time to write about travel, food and adventure, so I  open the indispire to check it out, but honey the fare is different. The week has gone by while I have been weak excuses.  Arvind Passey wants to know why ten or less entries for indispire topics but hundreds for a contest... does... Continue Reading →


Listening to Dawn

‘Write About The Sounds You Hear’. The residents of Mango meadows and the co-workers of 91 springboard seem to be kind of surprised that 4am is wake up time for me instead of beddie bye time. for me it is the time of “mein aur mere tanhayi ” time. Silence and darkness dominates, and believe... Continue Reading →

What If..

What if... Since I have begun hypnotherapy and dealing with psychosomatic disorders I realize a lot issues seem to hang on “what if” particularly “what if I fail”  and equal proportions of “what if I succeed.”  I have used what if for therapy too, the realm of alternate reality. Here this young man is telling... Continue Reading →

An Expiry Date

This too shall pass. Somehow 91 springboard is empty, and so is the Mango Meadows. It occurs to me, there is so much of silent sorority and comfort...this too shall pass and Serendipity  Event will begin. Since it was Friday morning and I do my Friday ritual of getting indispired... hoping for a profoundly ponder-able... Continue Reading →

Keyed up about keys.

The coffee machine at 91 springboard is duly restored. The housekeeping staff, have pipped down, and my patient has wrapped up. Just as he left she said something very interesting, “I’ve got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.” Apparently Louisa May Alcott... Continue Reading →


Friday evening...No it was Saturday morning, somehow the energy and enthusiasm of Deepavali was off.  Crackling debates on firecrackers were on, some say it’s wrong and the others ask what’s wrong. Tanushree Dutta says Nana is in the wrong... Women in Sabharimala is wrong... Battle for Ram Janmabhoomi is wrong... Modi’s economic policy is wrong...... Continue Reading →

Eureka… the book.

Honestly the coffee machine at 91springboard needs a replacement. The coffee shots are no more capable of ejecting the eyeballs out of the socket and returning such that the deeply slumbering soul awakens, it, forget about the eyeballs, it is can’t lift the drooping eyelid up!! How disastrous.  Amidst these challenges Vartika Goyal pops her... Continue Reading →

A little Alarming.

“jaago mohan pyaare” the strains of Lata Mangeshkar woke me up from shut-eye in the peaceful ambience of 91 springboard. The AC was just right, my stomach just full this blighter’s ringtone wakes me up. Honestly alarm clocks are the bane of humanity.  They are responsible for conditioned reflex, sleep inertia, reduced motor dexterity, grogginess,... Continue Reading →

Honestly … You got to be kidding.

Even as we speak of truth we begin with negating it, reasoning as to why we can't say the truth but what is the truth...can we honestly in all integrity voice our truth... any way  Saturday evenings we have a new place to hang out these days, the “BhejaAdda”. The crowd is very varied, the... Continue Reading →

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