We are all Samurai’s

#BeAHero, Well Anita you have asked me to take my session three for the course I conducted on theatre for the BBA students. Anyway, this is like putting it together... There is a vital question you left out who is a hero or defining a hero ... a person greatly admired for his great or... Continue Reading →


Devout iz greun.

Godliness in greenery... This associated with Ganesh chaturthi, we seem to fall into a pattern. Since I am agnostic, I was just pondering on the colour green. The colour of the flora, colour of the anahata chakra, heart chakra if you wish to call it so. chlorophyll such a dominant colour in the world of... Continue Reading →

Celebration Dedicated to…

Haa.... Anita, you are pushing me to publish this blog up before my research is complete. Last year I looked at the fun day dedications, this year I am tracing the UN and WHO dedications. Of course some random dedications here and there, like the all  important World Chocolate Day dedication. Actually the west calls... Continue Reading →

Let love in to Your Life

love is not an easy task, love comes with its share of pain and guilt share a story or invent one where that pain is revealed in a form most unimaginable in direction not thought. But  Lao Tze said, being in deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.... Continue Reading →

Cafe Karma…

Welcome to Karma Cafe... Boomed the Amitabh like Baritone voice of the presenter all the first years sat in awe, this was a sorority, the sorority that churned many new age Guru’s those who wore their Levis, and FabIndia with pride and reverence was expressed with a hug. Today’s deliberation was on Karma, like many... Continue Reading →

In Commune

#instatales summer siesta @BlogAdda The stillness of it all, we are told that still waters run deep, but somehow the image brought about a moment, and the moment was that moment when we enter a place of stillness, it awakens the divinity within us. We actually do not know much about isolation and are clueless... Continue Reading →

Confessions of Shop-o-phobic.

“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” ― Oscar Wilde I hate shopping and I hate shopping for clothes still more. I am told shopping is a woman thing, it’s a contact sport like football, and women are supposed to enjoy the scrimmage, the noisy crowds... Continue Reading →

Call to Action.

Post emergency era, In a small sleepy village called Manipal is a sleepier high school. The library hall consisted of pre-teens and young adults none over seventeen. A tall man who was reduced to wheel chair entered the room. He was wheeled in. and he started talking in his baritone timber. Over the next two... Continue Reading →

Ambling and Rambling through Food Fads

#FoodFads I have this conviction that good food, good eating is all about risk. Whether we are talking about unpasteurized milk, raw oysters or working for organized crime associates food is an adventure. Think of going on a date, it’s like Jones triad, at least three of a set of symptoms should be present to... Continue Reading →

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