Shadows and Whispering Winds

The breeze felt warm and shadows came alive, it was as if each shadow had a story to tell. Kathanika, had finished reading the story of Nagamandala the much acclaimed play by Dr.Girish Karnad. The abstractness amused her .An untold story coming to life asking to be told. May be that triggered the feeling of... Continue Reading →


Know thy Smile

It is Friday, and Friday is about Mango meadows and Robusta. With the pouring rains, every self respecting potato, wraps itself in flour and jumps right into the hot oil... can you smell it? here I am harate...Kaapi and golibhaje on.(ie is gossip, coffee, and golibhaje). It must be something about Friday, which evokes the... Continue Reading →

Kid Word

Friday evening again, Instead of the usual, evening at either Mango meadows or Diwan-e-khaas, it was an evening at 91 springboards with susegado homemade mango beer. I normally like my drink bitter and hot or sweet and cold and not any other permutation or combination. But strangely the cold acrid taste of the mango beer was... Continue Reading →

Dust the cinders and ashes.

“mom, I am coming over for the weekend.” Not so much as is it okay with you. Uri wondered why on earth she didn’t reply, “Great baccha, but I have to stay on to complete my commitments.” Yes she was out of integrity with herself. If she did not value her words and her commitment... Continue Reading →

The Arm Chair guide

Dawn at no.8 Devanhalli is unlike the musical strains of Amanda Shankar’s “Dawn at Varanasi.” If dawn at Varanasi takes you through the ethereal  (though imaginary) sounds of Varanasi, dawn at Devanhalli is very real, and very southern with wafting coffee, Amma pounding on her Dell laptop which has replaced her portable Tippa Typewriter, Vimmi-ajji... Continue Reading →

Winning Self

It is easy to from anybody but win from yourself is so hard... It could be easy to win “from” but is it worth it? Is it ethical? After all when we have to win something from someone it means the other owns it, it belongs to this someone and you take it from him... Continue Reading →

Roll the Role

Role play is to act out the role, the representation in action for example my students role-play the thoughts and feeling of each character. In life... We are who we are our skills sets define some of our responsibilities and action perform it is not a role it who we are...example someone says I am... Continue Reading →

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