A simple promise of self help.

3pm last lap at my office, Thursday afternoon it is time for caffeine and musing. Tomichan as usual has fodder for the “Grey-Mater” is life simple and promising as the self help book say...As everyone and her husband knows as the 2nd Robusta transcends the cardia and pours into the stomach there is onset of... Continue Reading →

Rule of the Rule

Do I follow rules? How do I feel  when I see people flouting guidelines, culture, tradition. The #followrules. Hmm... to me that translates to straight walk a trodden path, don’t take risks, don’t be creative. Get the drift. But before we go there. Here’s what Merriam-Webster have to say about rules. Rules are a prescribed... Continue Reading →

A wish A Mandate or a Bidding?

it’s a Thursday and unlike I realize that it would be the third week in line that I missed the Indispire prompt. 91 springboards, mango meadows everything seems so mundane and uninspiring. I wish there was more spark I thought, my husband came with a wonderful solution, he said light a sparkler.  Remember those prophecy... Continue Reading →

Seeking a True Soldier.

Pulwama attacks rules the headlines.  No anchor has the gall to ask the literati why are they not talking about returning the awards? No one even asks why is there not a whimper from the human rights activists. Sameer sat on the ledge of his window, it over looked the valley. He could hear the... Continue Reading →

The Secret Link between Power and Culture.

Friday Mango meadows had this amazing daal bhati lunch. While Kesariya the visiting cook was assembling my plate, I browsed through the indispire. Prompt is when power diminishes ...culture flourishes what is your take?   The hashtag goes #promotingcreativity. Instantly it reminds me of my mother because maybe because I am not able to find the... Continue Reading →

Recycling a Blog-post

Friday and Saturday is essentially about winding up the week, sitting with Robusta and letting the residents of the cranial cavity take over. But BlogAdda lets me down rather badly. They actually want me to recycle a blog. So here I am trying choose which one to recycle. Which is to say BlogAdda would like... Continue Reading →

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