Pop-Guru’s Smackdown On seriousness of life.

If you're reading this... Congratulations, you're alive. If that's not something to smile about, then I don't know what is.” let’s have a cup of kaapi over this. Walk into 91 springboard they have a CCD machine so we get rather excellent coffee. What’s important? I mean other the two most important days of our... Continue Reading →


Recycling a Blog-post

Friday and Saturday is essentially about winding up the week, sitting with Robusta and letting the residents of the cranial cavity take over. But BlogAdda lets me down rather badly. They actually want me to recycle a blog. So here I am trying choose which one to recycle. Which is to say BlogAdda would like... Continue Reading →

A little Alarming.

“jaago mohan pyaare” the strains of Lata Mangeshkar woke me up from shut-eye in the peaceful ambience of 91 springboard. The AC was just right, my stomach just full this blighter’s ringtone wakes me up. Honestly alarm clocks are the bane of humanity.  They are responsible for conditioned reflex, sleep inertia, reduced motor dexterity, grogginess,... Continue Reading →

Honestly … You got to be kidding.

Even as we speak of truth we begin with negating it, reasoning as to why we can't say the truth but what is the truth...can we honestly in all integrity voice our truth... any way  Saturday evenings we have a new place to hang out these days, the “BhejaAdda”. The crowd is very varied, the... Continue Reading →

Promise to Keep

The trance had just set in, “Where are you?” “It looks like a forest; I can see blue mountain tips.” How are you feeling? “Happy without worry but there is also a sense of excitement as if something huge is going to happen. I can see her coming...” “Who?” “Perumalar” “Do you know her in... Continue Reading →

Winning Self

It is easy to from anybody but win from yourself is so hard... It could be easy to win “from” but is it worth it? Is it ethical? After all when we have to win something from someone it means the other owns it, it belongs to this someone and you take it from him... Continue Reading →

Joy to the world…in 30 days

Pop Glossop delivered us to an epiphany...”Let Thou Knowth  Happiness ” on the 17th of June 2017... hey presto, we managed to diagnose happiness. Ms.Arora comes up with “thou shall go forth and spread it.” The immediate imagery that I envisioned was a nightmare. It was like spreading jam on a slice of butter but... Continue Reading →

My Wishes Five.

MY 5 WISHES FOR 2018 It’s party time at Mango Meadows; strange combinations seem to be happening at various parties. Then advent calendar, then the wish list for Santa... the FedEx guys were pitching to convince Santa to drop his Reindeer express and opt for FedEx instead, when Santa looked at the wish list from... Continue Reading →

Educated and Learning.

#LearnNotEducate Well its Indispire #202 prompt by Neha Tambe I am beginning to agree with Hercules Poirot we are kind of unoriginal in our thinking. I am reminded of the 2016 prompt by Vartika Goyal. I should have just reblogged it. It was titled educated,Learned and qualified. What kind of change would I wish to... Continue Reading →

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