Justice and Revenge.

“I am tired I do not want to fight anymore, I feel fed up.” “You cannot give up now; you have to keep on fighting it is not about you it is about justice”— The words came to SoviDevi, she was tired, but there was the eternal dilemma in her, there was only place where... Continue Reading →


Secret Shame

The first time I saw her, she was pale diminutive almost bordering frail.  She was definitely agitated and fingers constantly twining untwining,  sometimes clawing. Her mother  went on, about how she had withdrawn, run away from home and that she was mentally disturbed. Disturbed she was, but not in the sense her mother put it. “Mrs.... Continue Reading →

The Silent Warrior

The train was already in the Huballi platform. It was almost an hour more before the train left for Ahmedabad, they would reach Ahmedabad early next morning at 7am not a bad deal, the afternoon would go in a much needed nap, and then of course the book, by the time the train reached Panel... Continue Reading →

Yer ur busted.

“Wow, Auntie Sammy has outdone herself” ... the lilting voiced Leela seemed to say. Well, what now? “Andy she has written for Nostalgia” “So what I have written for the magazine Back To The Future” “You idiot, she has written about the adventure she and your mom had, they tried to bake a cake.” “So... Continue Reading →

Life Sentenced

Describing my in 10 sentences.... Just a minute I need to contact my junior Jeevan Rego who was asked to write five sentences on his mother in the 2nd standard here is what he wrote with the numbers in place. My mother is my mother her name is Amma. My mother is also my brother... Continue Reading →

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