Beats Logic.

“if it cannot be logically explained it is illogic” is probably what we wrote when Mary Kutty gave us our “write the opposite children” English test. “the truth need not be logical, it can be subjective.” I think Devdutt Pattnaik said this his book Myth and Mythology. Or rather the subjective truth is mythology. The... Continue Reading →


Promise to Keep

The trance had just set in, “Where are you?” “It looks like a forest; I can see blue mountain tips.” How are you feeling? “Happy without worry but there is also a sense of excitement as if something huge is going to happen. I can see her coming...” “Who?” “Perumalar” “Do you know her in... Continue Reading →

Move On

Breathe in breathe out, “This is the last day of your life on this earth, in that life time, where are you.” “It looks like a battle field.” “Okay where are you” “On a horse,” “And” The feel of the desert storm  it is whipping on my face, there is a mild stench of fear... Continue Reading →

Shadows and Whispering Winds

The breeze felt warm and shadows came alive, it was as if each shadow had a story to tell. Kathanika, had finished reading the story of Nagamandala the much acclaimed play by Dr.Girish Karnad. The abstractness amused her .An untold story coming to life asking to be told. May be that triggered the feeling of... Continue Reading →

Dust the cinders and ashes.

“mom, I am coming over for the weekend.” Not so much as is it okay with you. Uri wondered why on earth she didn’t reply, “Great baccha, but I have to stay on to complete my commitments.” Yes she was out of integrity with herself. If she did not value her words and her commitment... Continue Reading →

The Arm Chair guide

Dawn at no.8 Devanhalli is unlike the musical strains of Amanda Shankar’s “Dawn at Varanasi.” If dawn at Varanasi takes you through the ethereal  (though imaginary) sounds of Varanasi, dawn at Devanhalli is very real, and very southern with wafting coffee, Amma pounding on her Dell laptop which has replaced her portable Tippa Typewriter, Vimmi-ajji... Continue Reading →

If it could go with a puff

Mom I have decided to take the offer at Taj. Hope it is okay. Having lunch with Dada Love Shanaya The message flashed on Riya’s  screen. She stared at the email message and  no longer made sense. Just three lines to her life-the life she worked so hard. Sacrificed so much to build was crumbling... Continue Reading →

The Open Secret

Shweta entered her compartment, placed her bags. Sat beside the window. She picked up her Daphne Beauchamp book. The story was setting in the Anglo-Indian community of the Doon Valley.  The journey of the three generations, beginning with very British rooted ones to the totally indianized a Punjabi one that emerging. The conflicts of Mahanadi... Continue Reading →

Bringing up…

It was his first day in college.  He had to get there in time; the session began at 8 am, He had left home at 7am, reached the college at 7.40 and grabbed a cup of coffee and just made it in time for the class. The room seemed full, some of them seemed familiar.... Continue Reading →

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