I Dare To Dream

She dreamt she was talking to him again.  The quiet elderly man who sat next to her at the langar, when she held her hand out and the roti was given, he blessed her saying something very strange, “when rains make your feathers wet, don’t sit and cry and don’t wait for your wet feathers... Continue Reading →


The local Kunbi inhabitants of the land found an idol when they tilled the soil. The Brahmin called it Damodar and had a temple built. To the day temple begins with thanksgiving and offering to the Kunbi couple who donated the land to build the temple.--indispire prompt #371 a story in 3 line.

The curse of Annappa

“this is all India radio the news read by Narayani Melkote on the headlines today we have the sad  demise of the erstwhile financial minister Sri Tumbe Anappa Patri better known as TAPatri. Mr.Patri was  known as the Karavaliya GajaKesari. A freedom fighter in young days, he helped his father build the financial empire in... Continue Reading →

Beauty Beckons.

Ambe ma temple was lit. The prince looked royal, his Scythian ancestors had served him well.  Prayers to Ambe were over and  princess Ratnavati stood before the prince with the ritual lamp; and his sword. Handing him the sword and applying the tilak she quietly walked away. There was neither concern nor fear in her... Continue Reading →


Shadows of women around the bonfire, it evoked the memories of the opening of Girish Karnad’s Nagamandala. As the kitchen cinders cool, the flame from every stove hurries down to the broken temple where they gossip about the kitchen that they dwell.  It could have well been that. To Alana,  tiny woman who stood tall... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Chutney

“sheela, baagil nodamma,” Varija called out to the maid, to answer the door. Her husband Karthikeya was out. It was her ladies group they met on Saturday’s and this Saturday she was the host. Varija had made a spread of muruku,  mysore paak, instead of the standard meduvada or stuff she had made, something that... Continue Reading →

A Lesson Unlearnt.

“what is the greatest lesson a woman should learn that since day one she’s already had everything she needs within herself it’s the world that convinced her she did not” – Rupi Kaur. The kid in the compartment next was reading out something from an instgram poet. Rashi sat quietly listening to the conversation. It could be off... Continue Reading →

Beats Logic.

“if it cannot be logically explained it is illogic” is probably what we wrote when Mary Kutty gave us our “write the opposite children” English test. “the truth need not be logical, it can be subjective.” I think Devdutt Pattnaik said this his book Myth and Mythology. Or rather the subjective truth is mythology. The... Continue Reading →

Promise to Keep

The trance had just set in, “Where are you?” “It looks like a forest; I can see blue mountain tips.” How are you feeling? “Happy without worry but there is also a sense of excitement as if something huge is going to happen. I can see her coming...” “Who?” “Perumalar” “Do you know her in... Continue Reading →

Move On

Breathe in breathe out, “This is the last day of your life on this earth, in that life time, where are you.” “It looks like a battle field.” “Okay where are you” “On a horse,” “And” The feel of the desert storm  it is whipping on my face, there is a mild stench of fear... Continue Reading →

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