solely about souls

meera baiSoul mate is not necessarily life mate, what do I feel… asks Aditya Sinha.  Definitely not, for you scourge the dictionary you will find “soul mate”but not “life mate.”

Life is the period of time that we are alive, I mean biologically, let’s not speak about metaphysics or abstracts. And mate… could be a verb, that endorses our being alive, along with the other attributes like the ability to grow change,

While  soul mate seems to be more acceptable in the dictionary for the dictionary defines a soul mate as a close friend who completely understands us, a person who has the same beliefs and opinions as others, the Ying-Yang and whatever Jing-Bang.

Falling is love is real but transient, like the midsummer night’s dream, I do shake my head when people talk about soul mates, these are delusions grasped by deluded individuals, at some supernatural ideal, it is not intended for practical mundane life.  it sounds pretty in a poetry book,

Think of this Meera all Rajputana claims was the soul bride of Krishna, while being the life mate or life partner to one of the Rajput kings, while Draupadi is claimed to Krishna’s soul mate despite of being  married to five men simultaneously!! Yet sometimes, the cynic in me contemplates, I do oscillate towards conversion, fortunately I am not yet a zealot.

My problem is I do not understand what that means, I am told by people, that soul mate is my perfect fit, and that’s how it should be. But to me a true soul mate would be a mirror the person who shows me everything that is holding me back, the person who brings my attention so that I change my life. a true soul mate is probably the most important person I will ever meet, because he/she would tear down the walls and smack me awake. But life with a soul mate for ever… uh! uh! That would be rather painful, I strongly believe that soul mates come into our lives just to reveal another layer of our self to us, they then leave.

Soul mates aren’t perfect people; they come into our life and provide polar emotional experiences from intense love to intense pain. Growth comes from both, a soul mate helps us grow. Its not living happily ever after… it is “but”… we live.

indispireI have heard people looking for a soul mate, but may one should not look for a soul mate, but one should make one— out of the complex human fabric that is extensively available with us. lets not worry about the instructions.  It varies without ability to see, the measure of our selective blindness, the limits of our mercy and the intensity of our desire.

Actually I would not worry about finding my soul mate…I would try to find myself.


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