Bulldozer Politics In A New Light

The Taurus Dormies Ignobileo Publicae Syndrome.

courtesy internet

Thursday afternoon at Mango Meadows it is pretending to rain cats and dogs while I’m desperately pretending to work, coffee, lunch and God knows what else. Ever since I have joined the Aloo Anonymous samosas are out.

Indispire for the week is also daunting “Bulldozer Politics” well just when I have turned off all news channel connections other than Doordarshan. More importantly this whole term Bulldozer was new one for me. So, I requested my buddy gang.

SS – I know is not interested in either politics or bulldozers.

OMG and Sanjaya even refused to read the query despite my spell check. Somewhere I guess Rolwin felt sorry for me, and brought to my notice that religion and politics were not what 10th standard students discussed hence my query could not be answered.

Like all adepts when in doubt seek and all seekers turn to ‘Googlemata” but you know me well enough by now, I am loyal to Merriam-Webster.

Hold on now the word Bull would mean an adult uncastrated male domestic bovine or any adult male of various large animals like elephants, whales or seals.  Now a person who buys securities and commodities in expectation of a price rise or who acts to bring about such a rise is also a bull. Some one with a brawny physique is also a bull.

When it comes to slang then holy heavens the word BULL does spawn a range from being an abbreviation for bullshit (not it does not mean digestive residue from an adult uncastrated domestic bovine) it is used to say something is nonsense, or used to express total frustration.

A police officer or a detective is also called a Bull.

To bull someone is fool, or deceive someone.

A bulldyke is the reference to a LGBT woman with male traits,

When something is utterly untrue and over exaggerated then that is bull too.

If a person who teaches is a teacher, a person who preaches is preacher,  a person who cheats is a cheater then a person who dozers logically becomes a dozer.

With all the above data like our mathematics teachers putting the given data, and trying various permutation and combination then applying politics to it what would we land with….

written for indispire #414

It is to the advantage of politics of various government and political parties to ensure that the community remains a community of dozers, such that it can continue to dole out Bull through bull media…this would encourage the tradesmen and stockbroker to go Bull. The strong arm of the politics would keep the Bull (detective) from sniff the truth out while the bulldykes remain immersed in their own epicentre.

Amid all this Bull the biologic bull which could be a person with a brawny physique, or a large mammal like elephants, seals and whales, or a domestic uncastrated male bovine…can only become bulls in a China shop.

My Shamanic training tells me since the bull is a symbol of level-headedness, stamina, provision, fertility, stability, virility, strength, helpfulness, determination and confidence… a bull-dozer would temporarily but all these qualities to sleep.

That is enough of bull for now while I really educate myself on bulldozer politics.

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