Creating the New Normal.

tam-mamiHow am I dealing with Lockdown?

if you remember Pop-Glossop’s early sessions, you will remember that homeostasis is the normal and when we sense threat to our survival we go into the fight flight option for our survival.

Since our survival was safe, we created a homeostasis for the rest of the things. in my case it was the interweaving of household chores with my work and cyclic cribbing about family and society. You see the creator created one perfect piece  that is ME, and no one else measures up. Then  one Kali-andiyariwalle raat, corona virus said kaahana pyar hai to the world. And lo behold our homeostasis was disturbed. Our collective parasympathetic system has got activated; our collective primitive brain has taken over. We have begun geographic lockdowns.

Our fight or flight instinct triggered the sense of being powerless. We ensured our survival, as we hoarded our basic requirement. As we realized that survival was no more an issue  as our food is no more threatened we have now come into the bargain phase of “what now?”.

Interesting studies that were made during the Pre-Covid days showed that socially connected people tend to exhibit less inflammation. Less inflammation meant less chronic diseases. People with social anxiety tend to show more CVS distress and premature aging.

Studies in ICU mortality has shows some interesting findings too

Death rate was increase by 26% in people suffering from loneliness, by 29% in people in isolation, and 32% in people living alone.

These trends could manifest due to the lockdown.

Systems have been put in place to ensure our survival. We have now moved to the next stage which is recovering  our lost power.

we are allowing ourselves to deal with the loss. the loss of our power. Our anger with  China is ongoing , we are at the bargain point …to recover from the loss we are putting our new cope mechanism to place. we are now creating a new normal, new habits, after all it takes only  7 days for a habit to be formed. In 21 days we will have new neural pathways within us. Lo behold we retrain ourselves to a new routine.

so much for Pop-Glossop’s class, he must be turning in his grave. But Maya Varde I don’t think is interested in Pop-Glossop and his theories. She is more person specific. I like to believe that she attempting to write a book handbook, for people in solitary confinement.

As medic here is are my suggestions step to bring back homeostasis into your life:

  • Set a routine, as close to you previous one.
  • Use your travel time  to do your household chores. If it is overwhelming then just 15mnts a day. For more support check out Flylady.
  • Use your office time to do what you can do and reschedule what you cannot, call up the person, and schedule an appointment for after the lock down period – this is a very “today” situation, if the lock down is increased then we can reassess the situation.
  • Make it a point to call your family, particularly the seniors.
  • Go to your the covid site of your state and see if you can volunteer in anyway.

As for me my homeostasis has been disturbed by the covid-19 app.  The new age healers appeal, the sanskari jaap request, the recent are the PDF forwards of books, I mean I’ll be damned if I’m going to read “why zebra’s don’t get Ulcer”  or “Emotional Intelligence” on my device.  The whole world and her husband knows that Zebra’s don’t worry, hurry or curry. I’m not interested in how many people died of covid, but the survivors interest me. If you actually mute the Vigilante Vishnu, or Shreya Doberman, you will realize that survival out beats mortality.

This blog is written for the weekly prompt on Indiblogger

For my own emotional health, I practice creative visualization where I strangle Vigilante Vishnu and Shreya Doberman, since I cannot turn them off, Dr.D controls the remote. I mute the screeching Bhabhi  from Bhabhiji ghar pe hai, with the lovely pink earphones that my daughter gave me. Then I practice self compassion meditation to forgive myself for the above mentioned crimes.

Those of you who would like to learn compassionate meditation, do send me a DM either here, or on twitter. My twitter handle is @parwatisingari.

If you are looking for emotional help then book a time slot  :


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