Amid Covid

Co-habiting with Covid

It’s post Kalinga war like situation where the war bugle has gone silent. It’s time for introspection, retrospection and anyotherpection.

RBI has created a “war room” to cope with this catastrophe, the media sends out 1200 journalists across 20 channels to think 539 cases has got them so frenzied.

So the valiant warrior from Kochi sends out this message, “what is the lesson the world should learn from the corona virus”

Well maybe that life has come a full circle, we evolved from unicellular animals and an unicellular being destroys us.

What the world learns I’m as usual clueless. You see when I was younger Corona was a shoe company that was the only rival to Bata. Sometime later when I became familiar with Underzo and the citizens of Gaul, I did meet a charioteer name Corona Virus it is all documented in Asterix and Chariot Race. I put on my thinking hat some stuff did come swimming by. Since I got flooded with these I actually had to use the sorting hat.  Here are a few epiphanies I had:

The world and her husband are obsessed with conspiracy theories, I’m sharing some of them

A Mschief from backyard business school — sends out WhatsApp message that late 2019 the military sports took place in China and the American soldiers who participated released the virus, what the virus did from October to current day well maybe it went sightseeing that’s the best option than I can suggest.

Srimaan Mere Bharat Mahan Khabri shares his insight, after the Kalinga war, Asoka turned Buddhist he wanted to save mankind and world (read India) from further disaster so he collected all the sciences that could destroy civilization as he knew it, divided them into 9 sciences. He then gave it to the monks at Nalanda. when Nalanda was destroyed these 9 monks or the 9 unknowns as they are known took these dangerous knowledge with them and went underground. The first book was found by Hitler hence the world war. One book traveled with Chinese scholars of Nalanda to china, covid is the bio-warfare by china based on this book. the knowledge came from India that is important.

Next theory has already been released as a book, that the Chinese master plan was to bring down the American economy through Europe, so they had the virus, antidote, action plan all in place. I should find out the name of the book it costs Rs.2200/-

The second epiphany was that all Indians particularly the media minions are closet Kaba followers, when in trouble turn west, solutions could arrive in a Trumpster but it is from the more advanced west. We are refusing to look at Taiwan or China which contained disease, small print says… approval from Uncle Sam means more aid (read more money).

When I was a teenager, I remember my grandmother Parwati telling me, that the Vamana avatar was about focus, the more we focus on something it consumes us like Vamana occupying the mundane existence with first step, the inner existence with the second and becoming existence itself with third. I see the epiphany through the media games, we see Shreya Doberman, and Vigilante Vishnu sometimes chubby choubey stalking the streets like they are out from marvel comics and screeching down into your living room. Shaheen Bagh that consumed the media has now burnt out. The Politicians arrested in Kashmir forgotten, by the way Omar Abdullah was released yesterday morning.

The money bill has quietly  been passed  through with voice vote while most of the members of the parliament following the #staychome dictate. Blink your eye and you miss the Madhya Pradesh news.

The central government has acquired lands from UP and Tamilnadu government for defence manufacturing  initiative. No discussions or reference to that.

We should applaud the media for its single minded pursuit of a topic.

Well the wise warrior from Kochi, I rest my war against Covid. Its easier to be the “helpless lass” or “Lazy Loretta”.

After deep meditation and consultation with the higher intellect I pronounce :

what the world needs to learn from Covid outbreak is that we have to practise compassion. Que sara sara…whatever will be… will be…

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