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Yes our education system is less about learning and more about collecting information and catorgizing it. all of us are aware of this so why do you want our opinion Vartika Goyal? What will you do with it? will you take a proactive action?

At the end of the day, how relevant is others opinion, most people anyway generate thoughts and form opinion. With regard to education system, everyone seem to have a clear idea as to how the system is bad, and how it should be, yet no one is willing to go proactive about it.

Are talking about education vs. Learning ?

Then it is essential to understand that education is the process of imparting knowledge, values, skills and attitudes which can be beneficial to individuals, while learning is the process of adopting the knowledge values and skills. learning is a basic instinct possessed by all individuals, while education has to be acquired. Learning is an ongoing process, while education can be done away with at some point of time. Learning is informal, while education is formal. Learning is knowledge gained through experience while education is knowledge gained through teaching. Education is received from an outside source while learning is evolves in the inner self.

More importantly are  you  talking about education or gaining a qualification?

Education eliminates ignorance, while qualification imparts competency in a particular field or industry. Of course qualification is a subset of education and it gets quantified with certificates, diplomas etc. with people learning from google mata, the certification sort of reassures that the education you have is not just literacy or information, but you are competent to apply that knowledge. this reassurance of course improves employment opportunities in some sectors while in some sectors it does not.

I do agree that we are students of words, shut up in schools and colleges and recitation rooms for ten- fifteen years and come out at last with bag of wind a memory of words and not knowing a thing. which is  why we have engineers becoming bank clerks, and bank clerks turning authors and doctors turning movie makers.

One way of looking at it change of stream is possible, it is a fascinating phenomenon to note, schools and schooling are increasingly becoming irrelevant to the great enterprises of the planet.  No more are the scientists trained in the science class, or politicians in civic classes or poets in English classes. The truth is that school do not really teach anything except how to obey orders and follow rules. Sometimes I am amazed, because thousands of humane, caring people work in schools as teachers and aides and administrators but the abstract logic of the institution overwhelms their individual contributions. Although teachers do care and do work very, very hard the institution is psychopathic –-  it has no conscience. It rings a bell and the young man in the middle of writing a poem must close his book and shift to a different cell where he must memorize the nineteen tables, or that  the monkey derive from common ancestor as man.

Neither is it so hopeless, schools, tuitions and placing of blinkers still exist. Ambitious parents living through their children, some parents who want to the child to be constantly engage with the outside so that they do not have to deal with him , are still around.

If you are bemoaning loss of learning, then here’s were education compares with learning

But human energies are part of nature, have you  ever noticed a cemented building, you will find green life form emerging from the crevices and ants residing in the sand  between the bricks, that’s how human energy is sprouting. There are children who are brought up in this rigid structure who have ventured out.

I can cite at least twenty kids who have had to courage to break and walk a different path. They are intelligent, they want experiences before they go ahead to learn the skills that they need to follow their experiences. I know of a boy who did a year of peace corps after 12th standard and then returned to do medicine.

Over the past 15years I have seen increased participants in community learning centres where age groups of participants is anything from 8yrs to 80yrs. This weekend there is a digital imaging workshop and there are twenty participants, from diverse age group and professions.

At my own clinic, after the crab called, and I had a passionate affair with Mr. 2nd Degree burns, I have stopped active dentistry, and did two courses one on medical writing and one on hypnotherapy and practise this. I have kids coming in for passion test counselling, and then charting a plan of action. Of course the challenge is not the system, or the kids, the challenge comes from the parental insecurity of not being in the grid. The need of the parents to be acceptable in their peer is crux of the matter.

Open schooling, home schooling are acceptable, there are a group of parents in Pune who have come up with mother’s school, that is each day one mother takes off from work to teaches the kids, the kids have a social network, they get parental attention without over dose, and each parent has taken on one subject.

This blog is written for the weekly prompt on Indiblogger

My opinion, education is authenticating a learning by designating a qualification  and we are at stage one of unlearning a system and evolving into what we were that is learning hands on. I can go on and on, what I am looking forward to, is what is your take away from this prompt— how will you implement it in your space.

Can I ask you for a six weeks action plan? If you need help you can always message.


8 thoughts on “Educated…Learned…Qualified?

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  1. Children are natural learners. Schools usually kill that instinct. If children can be encouraged to exercise their curiosity and creativity they will learn happily. But that’s a very challenging job for the teacher.

  2. Charity begins at home.. We are the part of yes we have to take steps at our end.. at least we should not let this happen to our own kids. We can keep away them from this rat race and keep insisting them for practical learning

    1. 🙂 Vartika, those who are willing to take responsibility do it any way, The number of kids coming to my clinic for passion test, and then following it up with i-create for a start up is amazing.

    2. 🙂 I think I already replied to this, Just to make a stand very clear my daughters have both chosen what they want they have actually looked for the courses and opted to go there. I took the conventional path picked a career chosen by my grandfather, but I did learn an additional skill that allows me to go to archeological digs as an anthropologist. it is a mind set it is not setting the system right it is charting your way through it. First question are you will to go all out?

  3. Honestly.. I put this as suggestion because I was kind of victim of this problem..even I am surrounded with certain people who faced this problem since childhood. As of now, I have no plans..

    1. None of my business but if you would like to talk send me a mail, with you contact I will call you back. Since I run a crazy schedule, I have to live my life between medication. 🙂 I had a helping hand,so I am just returning a courtesy

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