But I do have a Time Machine

past life
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We all come with a predestined timeshare on the earth school.  There is a point when we enter the earth-school, we tend to have great reverence and curiosity of both what came before us, and what is to come, somehow the present kind of tends to get neglected.

So what period would I like to visit? I am not really sure, since every period has a romance of its own.

For long my fantasy would be that I travelling in light years, and somewhere some moment in history will be happening in present tense. Well … that having been said I have never really able to say,””hey there this is the precise moment of the experience.”

murals of the satavahanas
The satavahana murals image courtesy Google

Yes books, particularly history takes us there, if we can step out of the prejudices of the academic text books being sacrosanct then the oral traditions render the history of the people as stories, the bards and their ballads. We could ride the events of anyone that we fancy.

But to let you in on a secret, I do access a special memory in each one of us, and that is the closest that I have come to a time machine. I have travelled to the time just before the Hiroshima blast, the story of the valiant Samurai’s trying to save their way of life, I have been to the roads of Ikshuvaku kings of Andhra, I been into the house of the teacher of the Satavahana kings. I have been part of the wica witches circle.

ikshvaku's of andhra
Ikshvaku mural, image courtesy Google

Think about this, like HG Wells says in the time traveller… any real body must have extensions in four directions, it must have length, breadth, thickness and duration. But we tend to the over look this. there are three dimensions of space and the fourth being time.

Actually quiet a few people you see and meet in this world are the versions of themselves that have come about as a result of things that have happened to them in life, across time and space. When people laugh at us, we develop a layer of skin for that, when we loose people we develop another layer, so we become covered in layers and we carry these layers as we walk around. Its only when we accost a person who can see through the layers to the actual person the layers melt, and we get to view our true self, the true self many times is buried in distance past, so distant that it could belong to another life time.

Now the journey in the time machine that I am talking about can take us across time, to the moments we want to see and experience if we are entitled to it, we are not of course we cannot access it. if we want to travel time in just this age we call it age regression, if we are looking something in another life time we are talking about a past life regression.

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We definitely can’t change history, neither can we go back and do something differently, but what we can do is to choose to see it from different eyes and have a different understanding of it all.

The Irony is that the possible time travel through the subconscious mind is called regression and looked upon with askance, while, time effort and money is being poured a technical contraption .

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