Queer Queries

Indiblogger prompts, us to think as how we would react if our kids declared themselves as homosexuals.  That question triggered a whole spate of thinking in me…

America has now declared homosexual marriage as legal, so the liberals in India are feeling very elated it’s as if they won war.

In way, yes going against the establishment means finding ones identity that is unique once basic requirements of food and shelter is handled I guess one has the luxury of expressing an opinion and defining an identity, I am looking into the more mundane things.

On one hand the women’s libbers are going hoarse talking about the surname change, I mean Anita triggered a whole debate on it and she was offended that I call it silly.  On the hand we have people who insist on using Dr. (Mrs.) Bhattiwallah when they don’t say Dr. (Mr.) Bhattiwallah how does the war present itself here? Or do we just take the cue from Uncle Sam’s Land and stick to one’s own name?

Fine, what if the couple decide on kids, don’t gape adoption and surrogacies are two of the many options present. I am little ill-informed about the legalities and biological nitty gritty but  let’s get to the finish line we are talking about child here, who  does the child address as father and who becomes the mother? Who donates the family name?

What I am trying to say is one thing to go hoarse about marriage which is at the end of the day a contract between two people to spend the rest of their lives together, through thick and thin and sick and sin, until death or grocery bill do them apart. But with that comes so much of baggage.

With married today divorced tomorrow maybe we need to relook at the marriage laws all over again. Forget marriage laws, we need to look at the institution of marriage per sae the archetype dulhan ki doli  sasural aayegi aur jayegi uske asti may be kind of confusing or displaced.

With all these thoughts worrying me, I confided my kid, and my kid kept a straight face and told,”Maa the land of uncle sam has not yet tackled the issue of marrying outside the species.” I know my kid meant to tease me but  it just got me thinking, there was a time when inter-racial marriages were not acceptable, so much so the court of Queen Victoria wanted Prince Daleep Singh to marry Princess Victoria Gowramma, though he himself was in love with an European woman who was also in love with him.

Well well… its a long way to Tipperary I need to take a deep breathe else my imagination will get nightmarish.

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  1. beautiful, but think about now – the next phase of rights activists are talking about recognising pedophiles as their preference of choice being a legally recognised sexual orientation. and then on, it could be marriage outside of the species. what form of surrogacy and adoption, will they adopt then?

    i know there are cultures in different parts of the world, where it is acceptable that humans from different age generations are allowed and socially accepted to be married. but then, if i look back, at one of the my early read definitions of marriage as per the dictionary…

    it read, “marriage is the social recognition of two humans (from different genders) being allowed to procreate” – resulting in the culmination of them bringing up offspring together, and being each other’s life partner.

    but in today’s times, the entire institution is so becoming questionable. thank you secularism.

    1. i perfectly agree with you, the entire gamut scares the daylight out of me, interspecies we might have anew race Ligers(Lion and tiger I forgot the maternal and paternal components they also have a everse combination. or Mules who are crosses between donkey’s and horses.)

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