Scoop On Poop

For this week’s WOW, we would want you to ‘Share a picture of an object you use daily and write about it.’ Why do you use it every day and what would your life be without it? Share your thoughts/perspectives/emotions/stories about it.

Well, well if this is not an invitation… I don’t know what is J this is something I use every day and hopefully all of you do too.  If you do have an issue then it’s time to fix appointment with the gastroenterologist. Of course I’m talking of the crappy affair    this is one job that you cannot outsource and God forbid you have to, imagine the indignity of having a pouch attached to you. other than throne, there is also the dishwasher    the washing machine, the vacuum cleaner, a whole gamut of things that we use every day.

I’m just looking at the gastro-intestinal system the space that needs our daily care and attention. That is where we nurture and nourish ourselves that is where our energy comes from. What is not required gets eliminated as body waste, through sweat, urine and poop.

A fortnight ago I had been to Pune, where Dr.Dan’s Guru was present, he left me to my device the first day the next day he had created a diet chart for me, he told my niece that I had to have these things and that actually worked amazing for me, a good heavy breakfast with roti, vegetable, fruits, curd and coffee, I was perfectly energetic throughout the day. Of course my body did have a change in the gut pattern so I landed with a challenged intestine for couple of days but then the routine set in perfectly. Suddenly I was back to my chirpy self, but there was more to it, there was the awareness that I was feeding myself, nurturing myself.

At Goa I was eating leftover food, the anger and resentment of having to eat food, that not nourishing I realized reflected in my cooking, from being an excellent creative cook suddenly everything I cooked went bad. I was feeding myself self-injury.

While Gastro-intestinal system (GIT) keeps our physical body nourished and healthy, it also gives us clues of our overall well-being. When we have altered emotional state it immediately reflects in our GIT. Our bowel movements are health indicators both physiological and psychological. It is a good way to take charge of our lives.

It begins with what we take in. Of course the palate and the 5 flavours need to be honoured, but most important is the eating locally grown seasonal food, Ayurveda calls it ritucharya, or locovoria. We eat what is convenient, without really thinking what it that we need is, the body asks exactly what we need. We do live in our physical body, so when we are not feeling comfortable, or something does not feel right we need to connect with whatever it is.

The basic rule is what goes in must come out, the differences being the utility requirements are consumed and get thrown out differently and the non-useful aspects get thrown out just like that.

You do have  a knowledge of what your normal stools are… but healthy stools, are brown in colour, more or less banana shaped, toothpaste consisted well hydrated and slips out with no strain or discomfort….take a minute how many of you felt uncomfortable or embarrassed reading this, yet this is a natural occurrence.

Signs of disturbed psycho-physiology:

  • Pencil thin loose stools, pea soup consistency, lumpy hard or as balls.
  • Soft foul smelling that sticks to the sides of the toilet.
  • Whitish mucus stools.
  • Strain or discomfort when during defecation.
  • Feeling of incomplete evacuation.
  • Pale ,yellow, green, black, or red in colour
  • Bleeding during defecation.
  • Feeling a sense of blockage or itch.
  • Undigested food in the stools.

Twice days to once in two days of bowel movements are normal. But to maintain a healthy digestive system we need to

  • Eat more fibre, which is more melons, fruits in our diet.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Sleep adequately
  • Exercise routinely
  • Reduce stress.

Metaphysically, the way we treat our digestive system is indicative of how we treat and deal with life. Ingesting what is good for us and letting go of things that no longer serve us.  Maybe every time we are faced with an old hurt or emotion it is a good thing to say, “hey buddy flush” now thing of “swatch bharat abhiyan” where would that take us.

There is no doubt comfort in routine food, but once in awhile it does make sense to take a risk and try out a new flavour. It adds to our own understanding of self. That French fry occasionally definitely allows us to indulge ourselves at times. Just a few things before I wind up

  • Feed yourself good fresh cooked food, along with good thoughts.
  • Love your body listen to what it asks.
  • When was the last time you were hugged? Hug yourself.
  • Thank your body and promise to care for it.
  • Eat mindfully.

Just let things go.

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ 

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