To Resort or Hotel — a choice

The Drone’s club is quiet, the invigorating essence, of Robusta wafts in, its peace on earth and heaven what the Ma PooriKurma would call in her spiritual session as the perfect octagon space. The spiritual kinds claim when there is harmony between the heaven and earth their geometric shapes, merge to create the octagon, now, I would have called it the “moment of Utopia’ but one does not dispute the PooriKurma kinds. You see it is not polite.



“Can’t these tourist kinds go to some other hotel?”

“Subbu, these are vacationers” said Rishi Basroor,

“Okay, they can vacation somewhere else said” retorted Subbu Swamy still snorting at her siesta being disturbed.

“You see, Subbu,” explained Rishi Basroor, flicking her stylish fringe,”it’s only travellers who checks into hotels, vacationers go to resorts,”

“Of course with brats like this they would need resort, “came Subbu’s retort.

“No… No… I am not talking about the place that affords or aids refuge, like the last refuge,”


“I mean places, which are usually located in picturesque location, which people frequent.”

Now Rishi Basroor is rather finicky about her language, one imagines that she walks with Merriam-Webster in tow, well it’s a minor modification she walks around with Merriam-Webster downloaded on her mobile.

“Well I thought travellers and tourists were the same” I declared putting in my two bit,

“Of course not,” retorted Rishi Basroor, “haa, travellers travel, and vacationers, vacate” said Subbu sagely .of course not, ignoramus,”

“Travellers move from one destination to another with a purpose, like a conference, a wedding or whatever, while Vacationers, travel to a destination with no fixed agenda.”

Of course I have read my Agatha Christie and Barbara Cortland’s well, the English were in the practise of staying for a month or two in a resort these were usually set in picturesque destination, like the Caribbean Mystery set in Caribbean islands, the murderer ran a resort, and collection of people would be there, the resort organized guided tours, and shopping sprees, they also had entertainment for the adults and staff took care of the kids, so that mothers would trot down to the massage parlours for their massages. I am told that sometimes communities hosted the resorts so the vacationing family lived like the native…  yes, of course… like the time we went to Kolad where this Punjabi family trotted in for an Maharashtrian experience and got offended that there were no “Parata’s for breakfast.”

“Hotels are resorts, but resorts are more than hotels” Rishi Basroor, was continuing educating us, of course her fringe was still fringing on, that is the fringe benefit of hanging out with an English Professor, they get their P’s and Q’s right  “Hotels give you accommodation, food, and some recreation.”

“Okay, okay, please don’t download Merriam-Webster on me,” snorted Subbu swamy as she stormed out,

This blog is written for the weekly prompt on Indiblogger

“Could you excuse me,” said Rishi Basroor daintily picking up her handbag, to exit out of the club.

With the club all to myself here are a few destinations I that I came up with…

Hotel Jasnagar a hotel at Akola Maharashtra though a lot depends on your work and of course the pocket. A resort would probably be Camp Empower

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