Chill and Heal

This year I am “Indi-spired “ to increase my vocabulary as much as possible, so I looked up the  dictionary for the meaning of vacation. We’ll look at it along the way. Once upon a time Vacation began on April 11th and would be over on May fixed, and Bhima-ajja my grandfather’s brother would... Continue Reading →


Growing up with Santa I wonder if Santa will remember me this year, I am adult to receive gifts, and kids have left home. November 27th the beginning of advent, this year the feeling of advent was different, there was a huge emptiness. Call it the empty nest; suddenly carol singing and Santa Claus seem too dropped out... Continue Reading →

My favorite fried food indulgence

public and private food in America has become eatable, here and there extremely good only fried potatoes go unchanged deadly as before,--Luigi Brazing How true, this is a universal truth Like Boswell observes in Life--some people have a foolish way of not minding or pretending not mind, what they eat. For my part I mind... Continue Reading →

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