Roll the Role

Role play is to act out the role, the representation in action for example my students role-play the thoughts and feeling of each character. In life... We are who we are our skills sets define some of our responsibilities and action perform it is not a role it who we are...example someone says I am... Continue Reading →


The Rose in the Concrete Pavement

Clock didn’t ring, for she had not set it, she had actually turned it off, “why should I wake up?” thought Sandhya turning on to her right,” there was no baby crying, or kids lunch to be cooked, she was any way half past dead, in a six feet under decaying relationship of 25yrs.” It... Continue Reading →

When Parents Divorce is a Relief

“the way you guys fight, why don’t you divorce and be done with it” Rashmi muttered under breathe, Yet Maya heard it. Maya decided she would never let her alliteration with her husband pop up in front of her kids. Maya is 60+ today, and her 70+ sister always quoted her as a beacon, “As... Continue Reading →

Mah hen mammy an’ dochter.

Who is the person most dearest to me, why do I hold this person in such high regard? This sounds like the dedication that we put on our books  (I know when published) well to whom then should I dedicate my wonderful, suprising and interesting adventure? To whom dare I reveal my private opinion of... Continue Reading →

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