A Peek Into The Past.

If I could bring back someone from the other side of the rainbow bridge just for one day would I do it? and who would it be...? Haa! A tough one, imagine being peaceful some of them even in new bodies and hey presto, I decide to bring them back, it would be like the... Continue Reading →


The Vigilant

It was the same scene that emerged each time she shut her eyes, the feeling was very unsettling, it was a mixture of fear, anger, and finally shame. The night mare was familiar her eyes drooped and just when she lifted her guard to sleep, the image appeared, each time the feeling got stronger. She... Continue Reading →

Cafe Karma…

Welcome to Karma Cafe... Boomed the Amitabh like Baritone voice of the presenter all the first years sat in awe, this was a sorority, the sorority that churned many new age Guru’s those who wore their Levis, and FabIndia with pride and reverence was expressed with a hug. Today’s deliberation was on Karma, like many... Continue Reading →

Words Unsaid

Breathe in, breathe out, I was guiding Raoul through the session. Raoul, came to me with an interesting problem, he was happily married, in a good job, his wife and he had decided not to have kids, yet he had this constant nag that he was not doing something he was supposed to do and... Continue Reading →

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