Serious Blogging? What do ya think?

#SeriousBlogging Why do you blog? A: Partly to make Butterflies and Wheels more frequently updated and more interactive (as well as that bit more interesting, I hope), but also because I think the world des-perately needs to hear my opinions, and I like to oblige.” ― Ophelia Benson Has blogging reduced to meaningless activity? That’s for you... Continue Reading →


Can I Hide?

Can I Hide? Curtains went up artists took their place one after the other, each moving to express their agony and ecstasy through movements. Naini sat in the audience watching the performance and noting the errors not in the performance of the artists but in the design she had created for them to perform. The... Continue Reading →

Whaur in th’ warld?

A location? Do you mean a position or site occupied or available for occupancy or marked by some distinguishing feature?  Its simple minimum energy consumption and great stress busters, the location of my feet from Terra Firma I would plonk it right up on the table. – for a year? A tract of land designated... Continue Reading →

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