Eureka… the book.

Honestly the coffee machine at 91springboard needs a replacement. The coffee shots are no more capable of ejecting the eyeballs out of the socket and returning such that the deeply slumbering soul awakens, it, forget about the eyeballs, it is can’t lift the drooping eyelid up!! How disastrous.  Amidst these challenges Vartika Goyal pops her... Continue Reading →

Kid Word

Friday evening again, Instead of the usual, evening at either Mango meadows or Diwan-e-khaas, it was an evening at 91 springboards with susegado homemade mango beer. I normally like my drink bitter and hot or sweet and cold and not any other permutation or combination. But strangely the cold acrid taste of the mango beer was... Continue Reading →

wisdom watching…

The drive was few hours from Nagathone, and it was a remote village. Rahul knew he needed to get away; the day began to prefer talking on the phone to actually getting together with someone, he preferred the bodilessness of it, and started to turn down social engagements. He longer wanted to sit across from... Continue Reading →

A cycle on the porch…

The cycle, The cycle it stood, in the car porch next to the Innova. It was very functional well dusted oiled. The house was home to Paramanna Holla and his wife Shantiyamma, and lay adjacent to their beautiful five-star hotel the Mohini Vilas. There was a small private  lane that lead from the house to... Continue Reading →

Time Out

Time out... “I wish I were six again,” Sarah was saying, Sameer looked at the anger and passion in her." I would erase the entire time capsule of the day I met Death for the first time." Ten years of journalism, he knew there was more to come, "I would tell Rashid Bhai, I am... Continue Reading →

Th’ ghost fa walks.

Have you read  Nancy Drew? She is created by Carolyn Keene, but Carolyn Keene is a ghost...Nancy Drew was created by Edward Stretmeyer and various authors wrote the series, but they have a collective name..Carolyn Keene. This was my first exposure to ghost writing. Of course the question here is about ghosts, the 12th century... Continue Reading →

Bygones Be Bygones.

A toy or thing I wanted and never had... What’s worse than knowing you want something, besides knowing you can have it! Well materially there were no such situations, that I wanted and I didn't have but yes there were events I would have loved to happen or situations I would liked my achievements to... Continue Reading →

Ance upon a time.

Once upon a time.... Most of childhood is about once upon a time, there was a boy who lived in a village that no longer exists, in a house that no longer exists, on the edge of a forest that no longer exists where everything was discovered and everything was possible. A stick it could... Continue Reading →

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