Dream On Predictive,Vision,Escape

The 9th A classroom was the corner square of the first floor of the building, there was feeling of being grown up when we entered there, but  the tables and the chairs, brought us back.The minute the teacher opened her notes, and began dictating God knows what… my yes drifted, the lake of Manipal… this before it was made into a Touristy spot there was no housing society beyond, there was just open flat land beyond the church of Manipal which was like end of the world… few cows grazing…clouds like the one described by Kalidasa in Meghadoota…as elephants put their trunks down to the non-existent water from the drying Palla

“hey you sapna… stop dreaming…come back to class” How unfair, here I was writing the masterpiece that is destined to send Kalidasa to the land of the forgotten and my musing was disturbed. We were told not to dream…. how sad. Because dreaming was considered non-productive escapist quality. The system desperately wove us into  the George Carlin ideology

“Some people see things that are and ask, Why?
Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not?
Some people have to go to work and don’t have time for all that.”
― George Carlin

Then came the Amway into my life, suddenly I was told to dream, then dreams meant, a strongly desired goal or purpose and from human being who was slumbering in her own comfort zone, the human doing emerged, I had to do lists, achievable goals brownie points for achieving and band aid when I didn’t. Dream took a who new meaning. It meant vision.

At this point I am wondering about the word dream in itself we think dreams are not real, maybe because they aren’t made of matter, of particles… Dreams however are real, but they are made of view points… of images… of memories and puns and lost hopes.

As I set on this journey of transforming from human doing to human being, I realized, that sleep, is when the conscious mind rests and the subconscious continues to do its job. The images, the  messages we accumulate through the wakeful states, we let go into this vast undefined space that is our subconscious, during the first third the mind sorts all the information. During the middle third it becomes predictive… the mind assimilates and consolidates various beliefs, the mind also looks at probable outcomes of various behaviour pattern. The final third is probably the most entertaining the venting stage where I get to date PG Wodehouse, murder Premalatha teacher, and get crowned as the home coming queen. This is the imagery flushing that happens.

Of course as an hypnotherapist, I work a lot with the middle third of the dream, the symbolism the association. In my own dreams I have familiar landscapes, and events that kind of become comforting and reassuring, like a rocky terrain near the sea, I think it is Naples, and when I arrive there, the sense of peace and security is amazing, for at that moment I know that I am crossing over from life to death.

There have been times when I have woken up breaking sweat with unexplained rage, sometimes with sorrow   it is like the lingering of a spicy dish.Guess that is called a Nightmare..unfortunately one of those came true…I had the original Dracula as my examiner and I had to repeat the exam six months later.

Be it an escape, be it an vision, be it a predictive beacon, yes I am a dreamer, for a dreamer is one who  find her way by moonlight and my punishment is that I see the dawn before the rest of the world.


Can you see the stars?

“You’ve sent your daughter to Hyderabad, for a BSc.!! She could have done any BSc. Here and then opted for masters in the stream she likes.”

I did not bother to look shocked, nor did I bother to respond. My daughter has dreamed for her subject since she could talk. I did not want her to go through what I did. Think about it, if every day you are not paying the price to make your dreams come true then your every day is the price that you are paying to stop your dreams.

Have you ever notice, that when you’re a kid, everyone, all the world encourages you to follow your dreams. But when you’re older, somehow they act offended if you even try.

for me, being inspired to follow my dreams has never been an issue simply because I did not dream in that sense of the word, I mean like visions and visualizations. My dreams were flights of fantasy. When the Amway Jokers asked me to write out my aspirations I kind of went into a stupor. That inspired me to look within and begin to live instead of just exist

I might place blame, give reasons and even have excuses, but at the end of the day, it was my own cowardice not to follow my calling. Yes I call it my calling, just a few years back I was different, i had not always chosen the safest path, I’ve made mistakes, plenty of them. I sometimes jump too soon, and fail to appreciate the consequences. But I now acknowledge I learnt something important along the way; i learnt to heed the  Call of my heart. I’ve learnt that the safest path is not always the best path and I’ve learned that the voice of fear is not always to be trusted.

After the Amway guys made me aware of the fact that I was comatose, I took a good look at my life. like I said before, I had to accept that I had cowed into the overwhelming pressure of fear, the fear of failure but strangely still it was the fear that I might succeed then I would have to find a newer vista to achieve…I was always told it is lonely on the top so i did not want to go there. like I accepted before I can dole out n-number of excuses but what I lacked was courage.

When I realized if I could not believe in miracles, it was okay I could believe on myself. I also realized when I want something bad enough, I let that drive push to make it happen. sometimes I ran into brick walls that are put to test me, I had to find a way around them and stay focused on my dreams. When I had a will, I did find the way. so many people out there, did say, “No” but when I believed in something so hard I could just smile and tell them, “watch me.” their rejection kind of acted as motivation, it made me unstoppable. I kept my faith, and my goals refusing to give up no matter what. That has been the best skill I learnt.

I realized it’s not enough to wish, dream or hope, setting asail on the sea of uncertainty was also necessary. Meeting fear face-to-face, finding courage, is essentials. Dreams are put maps for a great journey. Dreams come true, its a good story, so live one. follow your dreams, like I am following mine. I am not saying it’s going to be easy. But I am saying it’s going to be worth it.

If Ah can dream it, Ah can dae it.

I have a dream.. A song to sing…

What are dreams?   A series of thoughts, images, sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep. It can also be an aspiration, ambition or an ideal.  It can be experience during sleep.  It is the verb that tells us, that we indulge in daydreams or fantasies about something greatly desired.

Actually I find out a lot about myself by sleeping, dreams they are who I am when I’m too tired to be me, and hope is waking dream. People think that dreams aren’t real just because they are not made up of matter, of particles, dreams are real. But they are made up of view points, of images, of memories and puns and lost hopes. We did throw our dreams into space like a kite we never know what it brings back a new life, anew friend, a new love, a new country. It could bring back anything.

If I were to address dreams as series of thoughts, images and sensation when I am asleep… then…As sleep apnoea practioner I know of REM and NREM sleep, that deals with the body, physical but in hypnotherapy I learnt the mind and soul connect with dreams. The first third of the sleep where the filtration occurs, the second third which predictive, and the last third which vents, the dreams talk to us through the language of symbols and metaphor that only we can understand.

Interestingly the Native of American tribes, have something called as dream catchers, these were originated in the Ojibwas people, but intermarriage and trade made it a pan native-American movement during 1960’s and 70’s.   The legend of dreamcatchers as narrated by the storytellers, speak of the spider woman known as Asibikaashi. She took care of the children and the people of the land. Eventually the Ojibwas nation spread to all the corners of North America that it became difficult for Asibikaashi to reach all the children so the mothers and grandmothers would weave magical webs for the children using willow hoops and sinew, or cordage made from plants. The dream catchers would filter out all bad dreams and allow only good thoughts to enter our mind. Once the sun raises all bad dreams just disappear.

If I were to look at dream as an aspiration, ambition, or an ideal then it talks to my mind. There is no point in being disappointed twenty years down the line, by the things I didn’t do than by the ones that I did, so throwing off the bow lines may be a good idea, sailing away from the safe harbour, to catch the trade winds in my sail, to explore, to dream and discover.

There are some simple things I realized help me to translate my dream to a vision and from vision to a workable goal…

  1. Writing our dreams down… I have a small notebook that I call the ideatrap. I put in any idea that knocks my door, it could be a concept for an event, or for a book all the same welcome rest awhile.
  2. Brainstorming some possibilities. There are more than one ways to realize a dream, when brainstorm I put all the ideas that come to my mind, even the silly stupid one, or the farfetched ones.
  3. Pick one clear goal that I decide to work on, the goal that is perhaps challenging yet achievable.
  4. Giving myself a deadline. I realized working in time lines and deadlines kept my focus. I would get less distracted by events and issues. So a functional deadline and usually I pick a person to whom I am accountable.
  5. This blog is written for the weekly prompt  on Indiblogger

    This blog is written for the weekly prompt on Indiblogger

    Breakdown the directions to get there as I am on to the plan itself, I get into the nitty gritty and start turning it into something real. With big goals and its quite helpful if we can work it backwards.

One thing that I realized is only one thing makes a dream impossible, the fear of failure. There future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. And one does not need Eleanor Roosevelt to drive the message in.

Reincarnation of the unknown kind

What was in my previous life, quite interesting.

This question has intrigued me quite often though have not really found an acceptable reply to this.

After watching “Raaz pichle janam ke”  I did go in search of a past life therapist, I thought I would find someone like Rati Agnihotri  in Krishna Cottage long open hair all clad in white huge Kohl eyes, and lots bauble. Or like the spiritualists in Agatha Christie novels who would talk to people who passed over.

I did find someone who regressed people into past life, she looked like a take on here’s Lucy. During the session I felt so sorry for her that I pretended to go into a trance, and narrated a scene right off, Enid Blyton.

Then there people who always talk about being reincarnated souls they all are either slave girls. Or princesses, Mrs.Brown down the street never seem to reincarnate. These souls are usually from Europe and in some cases northern Africa and few cases they are sailors who went about discovering the world. Neither seem to people remember their lives in the east, or maybe they have not yet taken birth in the east. J

What ever be it.

Let bygones be bygones, as to who I was in my past life let share–

“I died as a mineral and became a plant,
I died as a plant and rose to animal,
I died as an animal and I was Man.
Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?”
― Rumi

Dream hoose.

You win a contest to build your dream home. Tell us all about it. What features will it have?

Dream home

Build my dream house?

House, where would I build it?  

What would its primary purpose be?

I should say, the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peache.

In the distant village where father grew up, its a long evening walk to the neighbours place. Maybe a longer one to the temple square.

But the rivulet it is only a hop away.

This house would be very much along the lines that grandpa had his, four winged square with a central courtyard. one corner housing one wing housing the kitchen and the bath, sandwiched between the two would be the well and washing area.

The dining area would be open to the quadrangle.

One wing for the car park and a formal sitting room, and the family room, the other for the most important area in my life, the study with the library. Finally some area to sleep somewhere in this.

Of course summer would mean we sleep outside in the open courtyard where the jasmine and  tulasi plants. The soft grass that the dew falls on.

 It is of course the re-invention of the house grandpa built. Of course, thanks to the house, agreat many of our memories are housed, and if the house is a bit elaborate. If it has a cellar and a garret, noorks and corridors, our memories have refuges that are all more clearly delineated. All our lives we come back to them in dour day dreams,

As far as houses go they are fine, but home isn’t a set house or a single town on a map. It is wherever the people who love you are, whenever you were together. Not in a place, but a moment, and then another, building each other like bricks to create a solid shelter that you take with you for your entire life. wherever you go.


What’s yer favourite hi’tae dae?

ImageAnother mundane question from Plinky…what activity, task or game do I love the most in the world?

What’s yer favourite hi’tae dae?

Whose? Mine? Weel Naethin’

Yes I mean it, nothing doing nothing for from nothing anything at all is possible, and some things are unlikely. Some things will never happen. But they always could at any time.

When I can sit doing nothing, a thought or even a possibility can shatter and transform me. For imagination or dreams waltz in. Without leaps of imagination or dreaming we lose the excitement of possibility. Dreaming after all is a form of planning.

We need not know precisely what is happening or exactly where it is all going. What we need to recognize is the possibility and challenges offered by the moment, and to embrace them with courage faith and hope.

At the end of the day we are one thing. We are a divine being. An all-powerful creator. We are deities in jeans and t-shirt (X-tra large Patiala in my case) and within us dwells the infinite wisdom of the ages and the sacred creative force of all that is. will be and ever was.

Stoat dream.

ImageThe middle English world that debuted in the 14th emerged from the word idien in Greek essentially meant to see,

Today we use is to talk of transcendent entities, a standard of perfection, a plan of action. It could also mean representation of a concept. An image recalled by memory, an indefinite or unformed conception. An entity actually potentially present to consciousness or just a formulated thought or opinion, sometimes it is the central meaning or chief end of a particular action or situation. Whatever is known or supposed about something like a child’s idea of time is another popular use.

If i were to talk about my idea of a surreal experience, it would my idea of a marked irrational reality of dream. Not really difficult,

Not very easy either, what would really be surreal? May be the dream where my grandparents are driving down in a car en route they pick up an elderly relative when we reach the river bank instead of driving through the bridge my grandma tells me to get off the car and drive down with mom. The three of them drive through Gran says it’s because they have to move on, next morning I hear that particular relative has passed away. My grandparents have been dead for 15yrs now.