Dust the cinders and ashes.

“mom, I am coming over for the weekend.” Not so much as is it okay with you. Uri wondered why on earth she didn’t reply, “Great baccha, but I have to stay on to complete my commitments.” Yes she was out of integrity with herself. If she did not value her words and her commitment... Continue Reading →


Between Self discovery and self recovery

Life is journey of self discovery ... or so says pop-philosophy.  What is my journey and till now, fifty years of walking the earth? Have I had moments that brought me closer to the truth of life or closer to my soul and self journey.... hmm, like Lewis Carroll asks in Alice Wonderland...Who in the... Continue Reading →

Retelling the Cinderella Story

What if Cinderella was ugly yet virtuous, kind and courageous...? Her step sisters pretty ruthless and mean? Whom would the prince choose? Very candidly it would probably be the pretty step sister. The way I see it, every one’s been telling the Cinderella story wrong, I mean let’s take Cinderella she never asked for a... Continue Reading →

After the Ball…

I switched on the light... The corridor was dimly lit, and the house had a musty smell, a smell of dust and memories settled.  Slowly I walked in, opening the door to the right, the table chair intact but dust settled on it the astrologic chart in place. Unable to take in the smell I... Continue Reading →

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