Joy to the world…in 30 days

Pop Glossop delivered us to an epiphany...”Let Thou Knowth  Happiness ” on the 17th of June 2017... hey presto, we managed to diagnose happiness. Ms.Arora comes up with “thou shall go forth and spread it.” The immediate imagery that I envisioned was a nightmare. It was like spreading jam on a slice of butter but... Continue Reading →


My Wishes Five.

MY 5 WISHES FOR 2018 It’s party time at Mango Meadows; strange combinations seem to be happening at various parties. Then advent calendar, then the wish list for Santa... the FedEx guys were pitching to convince Santa to drop his Reindeer express and opt for FedEx instead, when Santa looked at the wish list from... Continue Reading →

The Scullery Maid.

One battered cape for sale. But no one would want to buy it, the cape of the super woman. There are scriptures and scriptures that talk about women, their status and whatever but the only ones we taught are.. “karyeshu daasi, karaneshu manthri, bhojeshu mata, shayneshu rambha, Kshyamayeshu dharithir, Roopeshu Lakshmi, Satkarma Yukta, Kuladharma pathni.”... Continue Reading →

Educated and Learning.

#LearnNotEducate Well its Indispire #202 prompt by Neha Tambe I am beginning to agree with Hercules Poirot we are kind of unoriginal in our thinking. I am reminded of the 2016 prompt by Vartika Goyal. I should have just reblogged it. It was titled educated,Learned and qualified. What kind of change would I wish to... Continue Reading →

When She Revealed Herself

A year comes to an end, time is somehow related to distance or it seemed to her. Distances changed things from the hill and sea terrain of the west coast, to the flat terrains of the central lands, to the mountain ranges of Himalayas things changed. Time also taught her so many things. It was... Continue Reading →

Grab the Chance.

“I never stood a chance..did I?” Vasundara raised her head from the message on her phone, to look up. She saw herself, tired, drained, lost. Her husband listening to the cricket commentary in the hall. Her mother-in-law instructing the cook. Kids had flown into their lives. The reflection asked her again, “I never stood a... Continue Reading →

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