The Nations within the Subcontinent.

Yes it is time we understand and accept that India that as we know it today is only yrs old. Yes we are a land of diversity, of food, culture, thought. Time and again we are told of the great tradition that we come from. But history is always the story of the winner. It the narrative of the... Continue Reading →


Celebrating Life

Every month 25th-30th I am at Manipal I have my hypnotherapy clinic.  Last time I went there our it Aunt Kasturi’s 70th birthday and her niece Jyothi had a party for her, the previous day, as we were dinner, Aunt Kasturi mentioned “I am told old for all this birthday party and things like that.”... Continue Reading →

Fill In the Blank

She opened a blank page, in her note book, if she had to be honest Narmada would confess, the entire book was blank. Each day for the past two months she has been sitting to think of what to write, there were things that set her arse on fire, but putting them on paper gave... Continue Reading →

The string of jasmine

There was a hesitant knock on her door, when Sabrina opened the daughter there stood Mumtaz her maid’s daughter, “Bhabhi, I came to give you this” she held in tiny palms, an assorted collection of jasmine buds and parijatha flowers. ‘Where did you get it from?’ “In  the garden they had fallen from the balcony,”... Continue Reading →

Devout iz greun.

Godliness in greenery... This associated with Ganesh chaturthi, we seem to fall into a pattern. Since I am agnostic, I was just pondering on the colour green. The colour of the flora, colour of the anahata chakra, heart chakra if you wish to call it so. chlorophyll such a dominant colour in the world of... Continue Reading →

Thank You My Friend

hello oldest friend... Thanks for being there, I know my letter to you would come as a surprise since I rarely mention or acknowledge your presence in my life. But yes, you have always been with me. But when sister Greta is spanking poor Roger for insisting that Spiderman visited him at night, and wanted... Continue Reading →

How late is it?

I was browsing through the archives of BlogAdda, suddenly I came across the winners for the social media vouchers, my name was one of them. I realized it was too late to retrieve that voucher, I had lost the opportunity to attend a prestigious social media meet. well for I moment there was disappointment, but... Continue Reading →

And That Little Dream

I have a dream, a song to sing ... There is nothing like a dream to create the future.” ― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables Twenty years from you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did no. so throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour,... Continue Reading →

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