Good Job Done

My first Job, When I saw the prompt my response was to write about my stint as teacher at the nursery school, when I was all of seventeen. But as usual, thought I should look up the dictionary to see what exactly the word meant... we talk of a Shilpa Shetty and her nose job,... Continue Reading →

Adventure Takes the cake

Early years of my life were in a joint family then we shifted to a medical college campus which was extended family. Manipal more or less still works on the same principle. Everyone knows everyone still worse anyone’s business is everyone’s business. Privacy was an unheard of word except in the dictionary. Mind you all... Continue Reading →

The Tyrant

Breathe in breathe out, Rest your eyes Relax your limb Let your eyelids rest Still your mind and walk in, slowly into the first time you experienced this feeling that you are unable to express. “I am seven year old” Okay, where are you? “In Christian high school” And “I am kneeling down, the Hindi... Continue Reading →

Me miss someain?

#missme Missing someone, is reverberating echo of everything beautiful about the person—the laugh, the song, the touch, the smell the power of the words and the constant shadow that lingers on as the perfect image in my memory, so who says the person is not in my space? Why would I miss someone... because they... Continue Reading →

Amen To …The bleedin’ endless summer.

Endless summer... With the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with summer. the swim in the river, climbing up the mango trees, eating sugarcane right off the fields, I still remember Lachchi ... Continue Reading →

My Craziest Expression Of Love….

 My Craziest Expression Of Love.... I feel so unromantic when I think of my great grandfather’s love story; this was at a time when owning a bicycle was a rare thing.  Dr.Madappa Hande a civil surgeon went to have his bicycle repaired and he fell in love with the gentleman’s beautiful daughter. {} well, though... Continue Reading →

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