The Weave, religion and Politics

Why religion?

Maybe it is a way of life I am not really very sure. What occurs to me is we are dealing with the divine right issue here.

Religion is essentially a state of religiosity, I would say sister Nirmal is in her 20th year of religion but saying Yogi Whateveranand is the 20th year of his religion sounds rather whacky.

In everyday life we look at religion as a personal or institutional set of practises. It means conformity, it eludes a cause of principle or system or belief held with ardent faith. Now here is the crux of the matter, my principle or your principle, you or me, me over you, makes me more powerful.

The non Abrahamic orient was quite happy in the texture of divine right, the king was divine, if he was human like Dhritarashtra then we sanctifying him by having a diety endorse him, like Krishna did to Yuddishtra, or a Brahmin sanctifying him using scriptures.

Interestingly in the abrahamic tradition, the first murder came out from an religious act, the offering brought to God by Abel and Cain the sons of Adam and eve, Cain the farmer offers the first fruits of the soil, while Abel the shepherd offers the first lamb, and god plays favourites… Cain’s jealousy gives way to rivalry and violence and viola murder happens. This pattern is still on just look at the story of Isaac and Ishmael, Jacob and Esau down the lineage, we have the Christians versus the Jews, Jews versus Muslims and Muslims versus the Christian and hellaluja,,, my bitchy conclusion comes at the end.

But think of it religion has spilt blood all through the Jain scriptures claim that Ravana was a Vidhyadhara prince, and the disciple of the 2nd Jina ajithanatha, he was killed by Rama who wanted to protect the animal sacrifice’s , and lo behold the story of winner became the story of God against demons.

Despite being healing religion maintains its killing side.

In this era of Trump and being fashionably  global perception of religion, and politics is,

  • Islamophobia
  • Gay marriages
  • Abortions etc.

In India it is about Islamophobia of course, other than that is about the altering north-Indian pattern of patriarchy. And south being confused, with northern values and ideology being flushed on them these are social issues and not religious. So how does religion play into politics… I could be wrong but this is what came in my space

Religion does effect political belief, at quite an individual level, if you look at it, religion could lead to political conversions and the vice-versa could happen too.

From political vantage, the choice people make is strongly influenced by their religious allegiance campaigns are framed on this, history shows that their people who have changed their religion for political gains, well lets me respectable and say beliefs.

  • To some people religion could be a shadow influence on the political belief, this is when they are part of particular religious groups so early that the symbols and narrative are part of the mindset, so despite of converting out it stays, these people tend to substitute strong political views for religious views. – to me this was the dominant generation that claims to have got us our independence. – this is also the space where we find our political activists.
  • Another set which is reverse of the previous, its starts with no religious afflation, and convert to a religion over time and this effects his political belief, the stage that our society is in today.
  • Then you have the political activist, where there is no political conversion, but simply consists of children keeping their family’s religious lifestyle by applying it to a political sphere which could foreign to their family, here religion fuels political activism, this is the space where the catholic clergy aiding the poor,comes from, we also have the VHP equivalent of educating the north-eastern youngsters.
  • Then there is a prototype where primacy is on the political arena than on religious experience, the person may or may not be engaged in religion. Though the person may present religious stances and inspiration, his religion takes a back seat to his politics, which is the exact reversal of the first.
  • The fifth totally rejects the political realm and places primacy on religion. The community centres round sequestering themselves from outside, and estrange themselves from the political happenings around them.

To me these become important because we are talking about. Man being community being, family being the smallest unit the hierarchy is built to the country. Family places a role in organized religion, and like I said, organized religion is about power hierarchy. We begin to talk about personal space, and way of living.  Issues of life style and values get threatened.

The great war of abrahamic nations continues in India, interestingly the game changer Christianity has remained in the shadow, it the Christianity that gave the modern Hindu his definite identity… not just a  person who is not a Muslim or not a Christian. It is the Christian education that told the modern Hindu about his oppression, in return the Hindu plays the game.

The divine right is still the essence except the from the kings the divinity has passed to the Ram Mandir, and Babri Masjid. Instead of Cain and Abel or  Isaac and Ishmael, we have Hindu and Muslim !!

So I guess what cannot be cured as to endured and resolved.

written for indispire 161 edition, prompt by Tomichan Matheikal who blogs at

I swear Tomichan I have not used brains for really ages, I actually had to rescue it from coma… so do excuse me if my writing is out of the loop.

Dream On Predictive,Vision,Escape

The 9th A classroom was the corner square of the first floor of the building, there was feeling of being grown up when we entered there, but  the tables and the chairs, brought us back.The minute the teacher opened her notes, and began dictating God knows what… my yes drifted, the lake of Manipal… this before it was made into a Touristy spot there was no housing society beyond, there was just open flat land beyond the church of Manipal which was like end of the world… few cows grazing…clouds like the one described by Kalidasa in Meghadoota…as elephants put their trunks down to the non-existent water from the drying Palla

“hey you sapna… stop dreaming…come back to class” How unfair, here I was writing the masterpiece that is destined to send Kalidasa to the land of the forgotten and my musing was disturbed. We were told not to dream…. how sad. Because dreaming was considered non-productive escapist quality. The system desperately wove us into  the George Carlin ideology

“Some people see things that are and ask, Why?
Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not?
Some people have to go to work and don’t have time for all that.”
― George Carlin

Then came the Amway into my life, suddenly I was told to dream, then dreams meant, a strongly desired goal or purpose and from human being who was slumbering in her own comfort zone, the human doing emerged, I had to do lists, achievable goals brownie points for achieving and band aid when I didn’t. Dream took a who new meaning. It meant vision.

At this point I am wondering about the word dream in itself we think dreams are not real, maybe because they aren’t made of matter, of particles… Dreams however are real, but they are made of view points… of images… of memories and puns and lost hopes.

As I set on this journey of transforming from human doing to human being, I realized, that sleep, is when the conscious mind rests and the subconscious continues to do its job. The images, the  messages we accumulate through the wakeful states, we let go into this vast undefined space that is our subconscious, during the first third the mind sorts all the information. During the middle third it becomes predictive… the mind assimilates and consolidates various beliefs, the mind also looks at probable outcomes of various behaviour pattern. The final third is probably the most entertaining the venting stage where I get to date PG Wodehouse, murder Premalatha teacher, and get crowned as the home coming queen. This is the imagery flushing that happens.

Of course as an hypnotherapist, I work a lot with the middle third of the dream, the symbolism the association. In my own dreams I have familiar landscapes, and events that kind of become comforting and reassuring, like a rocky terrain near the sea, I think it is Naples, and when I arrive there, the sense of peace and security is amazing, for at that moment I know that I am crossing over from life to death.

There have been times when I have woken up breaking sweat with unexplained rage, sometimes with sorrow   it is like the lingering of a spicy dish.Guess that is called a Nightmare..unfortunately one of those came true…I had the original Dracula as my examiner and I had to repeat the exam six months later.

Be it an escape, be it an vision, be it a predictive beacon, yes I am a dreamer, for a dreamer is one who  find her way by moonlight and my punishment is that I see the dawn before the rest of the world.

Between Self discovery and self recovery

Life is journey of self discovery … or so says pop-philosophy.  What is my journey and till now, fifty years of walking the earth? Have I had moments that brought me closer to the truth of life or closer to my soul and self journey…. hmm, like Lewis Carroll asks in Alice Wonderland…Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.

Okay let’s see where do we begin this wonderful mythical journey to discover ourselves? Gandhi the Mahatma (puke) says in the service of others you find yourself… okay I go on this path looking for myself where will I find me? Think of the visuals we are morphed into

Cinderella the wonderful daughter obedient hail hallelujah we have a self sabotaging victim at hand… waiting for the prince, waiting to be rescued

Then comes the sleeping beauty… again self sabotaging victim composed until rescue, again by a prince.

What would happen if Cinderella took a hatchet to her stepmother or whipped the life out her oppressor like Geeta does in Seeta aur Geeta?

Coming back to self discover, discovery and then what?

Have you ever come across the term from Upanishad,”Tatwam Asi” you are that… the question next is what… it is precisely that your are that you are precise who you choose to be so what does that make of discovery?

Think of an onion peeling each time we think we have gone a step closer to self discover we are labelling ourselves, stagnate like being in a pond, it is when we let ourselves be part of the infinite, we allow the flow of universe through us, then there is no more discovery there is just a state of being, the experience of infinite.

At times I wonder if the point where Self transcends from being a noun to a verb is that point in the creation when purpose, work, and play merge, and this point is very much in the present…

Maybe it we need to relook at this self discovery theme and look at self recovery…God made us in his model we are just as complete and powerful as him or her, Shakti alone creates Shakti alone destroys, and each of us embodies the essence of that Shakti. Which is why the Upanishad can declare “Tattwam Asi”

Self recovery will hopefully lead to self acceptance, that is the point of self discovery the shift of dwaita to adwaita… from vaayu jeetothama, hari sarvothama, the journey goes to Aham Brahmasmi.

Each morning wake up take a deep breath, and let yourself float in the energy of the universe, you feel the pancha mahabhutas, to experiment make a sankalpa or goal for the day that’s it, then go about your day see if you can find yourself in the activity of the day I learnt a very valuable lesson from my 25yr. Old daughter, her everyday meditation is to request the universe to let her talents be made best use of, since the universe has chosen to channelize it through her,….“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”  ― Jalaluddin Rumi

Ten Commandments to Land in the Present

There was something in the air that night
The stars were bright, Fernando
They were shining there for you and me
For liberty, Fernando
Though I never thought that we could lose
There’s no regret
If I had to do the same again
I would, my friend, Fernando

this is one of my favourite songs, when I attended the introductory session of landmark education forum, that was the first thing I was aware off, forget it we so hang on the past that an experience from the past, real or perceives colours our decisions today which effects our future this essentially means, we are living our past in the future and somewhere in this whole maze the present is forgotten.

With Jayalalitha dead, i see people talking about her first tenure as chief minister the corruption, the power mania… for them it is still a wonder why and how she is able to create the mass hysteria and following. Like one journalist on DailyO mentioned, she did make mistakes, but she now moved on to see things are secure for her state, women are safe. we all make mistakes, have struggles and even regret things in our past, but we neither our mistakes nor are we our struggles and we are here NOW with power to shape our day and future.

All fine and dandy to say stop living in the past and live in the future.

Okay.. to come to the present I had to disembark from the past that meant letting go yet things do pop up that’s when I realized it began with decluttering. It meant being a minimalist.  My own journey was to start decluttering those small memorabilia from the past giving it away, throwing it away I started feeling lighter. There were so many possession that I outgrew,

The next step was to stop writing a journal, when I wrote daily journals I realized I was reliving the hurt and just ensure that it got it tentacles well within me, instead I shifted to writing a gratitude journal… after twenty one days I added a smile of the day that is I would try to recollect one thing that made me smile during the day it brought a huge shift in energy I was smiling once again.

Another skill I had to relearn was being aware, as I am typing out my thoughts I can hear the scooter in the background, but it is no longer irritating me or making me angry. When I dry the laundry I  hear the birds, when I do the dishes I feel the greenery  there are small moments like the squirrel that pops in and helps itself to the coconut scrapping or the crow that pops in to pick the roti’s these moments I savour.

Forgiving the past is essential, but for me the most difficult, the only way I can do it is through EFT and then I bring forth the inner child who is hurt and try to create a resolution. This is something I am still grappling with. What works for me is I have a drawing book where I have my alter ego that call Potol my daak naam provided by buzzfeed. Who rescues me from whichever or rather whoever monster but now I have to understand what is the real issue there.

Loving what I do is another lesson I had to  learn… interestingly it was my daughter who was eighteen then who asked me a simple question, ”Amma who defines your success”  so I actually sat down had a conversation with the universe discussing what I invite in my space with my skills  i did feel very silly doing it. But it worked my clinic re-invented itself I am working in the exact space that I want to mentally and emotionally, of course physical space is yet to be formed. Maybe I should reframe it to doing what I love.

Dreaming about the future but operating in the present… its like I am going to Delhi on 22nd, that means I need to book the tickets today, I need to pack my clothes etc. etc. that keeps us very grounded in the present without being directionless.

each day goes by whether we like it or not, when recovering from the burns that was a lesson I learnt, there was no point in worrying about the potential of deep vein thrombosis when the current issue we were dealing with was the pain… and infection after that when I see a panic or anxiety attack coming I just take a deep breath and apply the choice theory and reality therapy.

what is the problem… what is the desired solution…. what am I currently doing…. if this is not working what should I do differently? Somewhere something pops up. I just have to step out of comfort zone.

then there are addictions that hold us for ransom they could story books, drugs, drinks, emotions, dramas whatever once we recognize the pattern and we are willing to let it go just one step at a time things just begin to fall into place.

I am sure we all have our own ways of coming to the present I am off to reading what others have to say.


Cashless and Clueless

Cashless and Clueless that is how I feel about Demonetization.

On Anita’s baiting I am sharing my escape of the Demon-it-i-zation kind.

one  late evening Arnab no his rival in CNN was embarrassing his rectal muscles, by screeching his throat off, about 500 and 1000 Rs. going off the circulation beginning next day.  Suddenly hash tags appeared and it was a high adrenaline scenario.

To be frank I did wonder what the hysteria was about, for I have travelled to Bombay and back from Goa with Rs.80/ in my pocket and some 1500/- in my account and yes except minor palpitation there was not much of an issue. Yes I agree I live in an ivory tower.

My patients still give me 500/- and I accept it, and will continue to accept it till 25th of December after which I will stop. Each Thursday I trot to the bank to deposit the cash, last Thursday when I did go I realized that the bank was not dispensing cash below 2000/- and the ATM was not working well that  becomes problematic, but yesterday at corporation bank in Manipal there was no issue what so ever. The ATM is still not working.

Somewhere this entire operation does not really seem such a great thing first and foremost even though as the claim is made, element of surprise is crucial to the success of this operation, the background preparation should have been adequate.

There are certain apprehensions that do pop up in my space…

Like does this really solve the problem, I have seen super markets give out IOU coupons. Formerly these coupons would be for a rupee or 2 rupee a maximum of 5 Rs denomination, now it is in denomination of 100/- these coupons have popped up over the weekend. Is it not like having an alternate currency, if the alleged sleeper terrorist wants to hand out payments he can always hand out these supermarket coupons?

The Panaji market was silent for a day or two as neither the vendors nor the buyers had the required denomination to trade. Now vegetables are necessary part of the diet, which makes people either buy on credit, or trot to the nearest Reliance Mart… Or any other supermarket and swipe the visa card.  I do understand that it is matter of few days of inconvenience, but try telling it to the school where the fees have to be paid, the bankers who come for the instalment the medicine bill that has paid, and again everyone understand but have their own chain of payments to meet.

When I took the cab from the airport, my cabbie was willing to accept a cheque, simply because he knows me for the past 20yrs, and normally I pay him at the end of the month, but this time round he needed cash to buy tyres, he made me give a cheque to MRF showroom. Apparently he was told that he needed visa/MasterCard if he wanted to use a card he had a Rupay card!!  People suddenly feel the need for Uber, because Uber payments can be made online.

When we travel by train, we normally pick lunch from either the pantry or the platform vendors, now I order online from food on tracks, and hold on there is no more cash on delivery facility, it now pre-pay, and in come Visa/MasterCard. Fortunately they have just launched irtc-wallet.

It is indeed great to cashless, but do we really have the infrastructure for it? lack of connectivity, lack of cyber security, lack of continuous power supply it does spells trouble people, it is like we are being hurdled into the world of mobiles and Visa/ MasterCard which is not healthy either for our economy  or for the environment or for human health!!

Well there people who claimed, challenges for daughter’s wedding well that is a drama that does not really find much support since we should have long past these ugly expensive weddings, that Karan Johar is a brand ambassador of, can someone tell me why payments cannot be made by cheque in these situations? Oh! Yes those allegedly petty cash that is given, does not become so petty suddenly right, well I do not see restaurant waiters quitting their jobs or doing a sloppy job because their tips are threatened.

If we stop hitting the panic button situation is really handle able…

As for black-market handling the really culprits have got away. The Mallya’s the Ambani’s and Adani’s have got off, their loans have been written off.  I go to the bank and people want to pick up maximum available 100’s and denomination lower so that they are “Safe” the lack is already created.

at the end of the day between, non-functional ATM, long winding queues, the only winners are the Visa, MasterCard and PayTM guys who collect 1.8% of every transaction.

The Knight Writer

Sometimes life takes a very unpredictable turn. Like the day I discovered, Pigs Have Wings!!
This was one of those days, I was all of thirteen.
The world was against me, the teachers were eternally nitpicking… Mother had turned to a Monster who was on a Nag-a-thon. Amidst these trying dramas my senior citizen cousin wants to go to the Beauty parlour.
Of course it was not cool for senior citizens who are eighteen to walk about with escorts even in the 1980’s but thirteen year olds are visible to the adults and can be turned invisible with an incantation called, ”Mills and Boons” which is definitely a worthy remuneration since it cost a princely Rs.11/- from my non-existent pocket money and the Librarian took on the onus of informing my mother that I was treading scandalous territory by reading Mills and Boons and Barbara Cartland…OMG I am amazed that I was not doused in holy in water.
Reckon it was part of the perils of growing up in the 1980’s, but believe me it did trigger homicidal tendencies which were best overcome by reading a good Whodunit… if only I could… that set me on a journey of partnership with Agatha Christie…a journey of murder and intrigue. Well that was an eventuality.
But since we Neckhar’s have been brought up to value the power of the Impact of the ladle on the Gluteus Maximus I chose the incentive that my cousin offered.
I even pretended not to notice that she turned right instead of turning left to the Beauty parlour. Parlour we did go to, not the beauty, but the one where solidified cream and sugar and innumerable flavours …as they did not have the bitter flavour of my life that was experiencing, nor did the have flavour of oppression, I decided to opt for the only redemption of a depressed soul the Run and Raisin black current ice-cream with hot chocolate sauce on top not to mention the roasted cashew.
With the ice-cream reaching its intended destination, my senior citizen of a cousin joined by still more senior citizen of the male kind, I was relegated to the library next door. Which did not stock intelligent books like Archie’s or Amarchitrakatha… not knowing how to tackle the situation I decided to browse the books…
Photo-romance magazine not available
Phantom of Denkali not available
Amarchitrakatha not available
Mandrake the Magician not available
Agatha Christie not available
Mills and Boons not available
Barbara Cartland not available
Denise Robbins out of bounds
On the centre table were scattered randomly books returned by various readers I saw this rather tired looking book, with dog ears a cover with butler on job and the inner cover showed a genial bespectacled man with a pipe… this ladies and gentle men was my entry into the world where nothing bad ever happens, even if it did, it could be sorted. I picked up this book when I’m well, and when I am poorly, when I am travelling, when I am not, when i am eyesome, when i am a eyesore…
I had made a friend… I had discovered life support… welcome to the world of P.G.Wodehouse.,
PS Pigs have wings is a book penned by P.G.Wodehouse.
PPS: This blog is written for Indispire of unremembered number glive cast by Ruchi verma who blogs at http;//

Zero the Hero

I, me, myself,

The one and only the unique…

Day and night or life and death

The duality of my breathe

Body , mind and soul

The trinity’s existential toll

With corners four, your create the cage

But my freedom I still manage,

With five senses you can entice me,

It only alters the vision I see,

The six seasons they vary

The seven seas they are scary

The eight directions you could wander

The nine muses they make you wonder,

But the zero…subtract a zero from it,

it still is zero

Add a zero to it, it still stays zero

Divide the zero it goes infinite

Zero, the purna… the totality

I am it, and It is me.

Between Doing and Being


What are you running after? Step back enjoy life, nature, family or anything you love.

The first thought that came to me when I read this prompt on Friday morning was there is judgement here, and then an interrogation.  It was so incongruous like running after something is doing question, while enjoying is a being question. The running after leads you to a being and enjoying required a doing the two could complement each other and not the standard “choose the right answer.

“What are you running after” seems so clichéd the person who puts in extra hours at the office, could be doing so, because he or she loves it. The answer then would be “I am running after a shelter/shield/ protection” from whatever else I have face when I am not in this space.

When I am in the surgery I get a spurge of adrenaline flowing in my blood vessels, I am extremely aware of my surrounding my body functions at its peak performance, once the surgery is over and I have sutured the wound be it the third molar or a gingival flap I feel omnipotent. That is a state I enjoy being in.

When I am bungee jumping or swimming it is the same feeling, a feeling of being a survivor in a predatory world that gives me a huge rush. As does standing on a podium and addressing an audience.

When I am dealing with my sleep apnoea patients or tobacco addicts where I use hypnotherapy and cognitive counselling then I am a void, a space where the individual explores and confronts himself or herself, that is a very static state a feeling of being part of channel for the infinite and is a feeling of omnipotence too, but there is no adrenaline rush… this is the power of the calm, the still I enjoy this too.

When I am tidying my house, de-cluttering it, cooking for my family again there is great joy which is just great as the first or the second, but of a different flavour, here I am the one who nourishes, the energy maintainers the order I am the Narayani of the navadurga the energy that can empower that again makes me omnipotent, here the neither is the adrenaline rush there, nor is the still calmness, the state here is gentle momentum a sense of continuity.

Would I trade any of the above for the other no not at all?

What am I running after… experiencing the various flavours of life.

Do I need to step back? No I do not do anything that I do not enjoy.

Of course there was a time when I ran hither-skitter but I realized once I figured my destination everything fell into space I could choose both the being and doing.

When someone comes into my place an issue of feeling that they are in a rat race, then it is time to do sit down with them, and let them find out

  • What is their concept of the destination that they want to reach? That is what is their concept of success
  • What are their non-negotiable in life? For me it is my daughters and mother have the first claim on my time?


    this article is an excerpt from my NANOWRMO writing.

  • What are the skills they have?
  • What are the skills they like to use and skills they rather not use..
  • Finally setting an intention and walking the path.

Of course this happens through a time frame. Sometimes people need to recover their sense of identity, sometimes old ghosts and monsters need to be put to rest.  MOST of the times they need to recognize the signs that they enjoy something.

Written for Indispire 135 edition prompt by Urvashi Pahwa who blogs at  — what are running after? Isn’t it time to step back enjoy life nature, family or anything you love.

The Tyrant


the schoolroom.

Breathe in breathe out,

Rest your eyes

Relax your limb

Let your eyelids rest

Still your mind and walk in, slowly into the first time you experienced this feeling that you are unable to express.

“I am seven year old”

Okay, where are you?

“In Christian high school”


“I am kneeling down, the Hindi teacher is holding me by my ear and canning me, she is ranting, ” the voice dropped it could have been the voice of a seven year old, “You could be the magistrate’s son for all I care, in my class you are duffer, a no gooder, you spend your entire day with achanna, that is all you can do, work as a carpenter.”

“What did  you feel?”

“Helpless, frustrated and angry”

“What did you want to do?”

“Lash out at her, and tell her I did not want to learn her subject, I hated Hindi, all I wanted to do was go back to achanna’s workshop and work with tools.” The session went on.

This is not the only case; most patients have two school monsters for a teaching champion. Shamed, for not performing, their individual skills not recognized. I know there are two kinds of teachers, some that kind of just prods you gently and you soar the skies, the other, that fills you with so much of quail shot that you really can’t move, the latter seem to dominate the world at least when my generation went to school!!

Let’s look at this inner child who is all of seven summons this class teacher. Lets call the teacher Premalatha.

, we are in the classroom and she is canning the child for using her left hand, “how many times should I tell not use this hand”

The cane hits had on the palm, the palm hurts the child at that split moment decided not give the teacher the authority to hurt him, the best form of defence was attack, so he said, “my father eats with left hand” which was true, but, ”You are telling lies, wait I will straighten you ” Premalatha  pinched the child’s ear and dragged him to a room beside the classroom where old broken furniture was stored, pushed him into the room and latched the door, the darkness the musty odour got the child, she was really scared  greater was the fear that he might wet herself and shame himself.

That night the child wet the bed, and the mother canned child in morning for wetting the bed, the rebel was born then, an alter ego to protect the helpless inner child who could not protect himself.

The next inner child was created the child was eleven, lets summon the teacher, shall we call her Malathi?

“Why are you not solving the problem?”

“I have already done it teacher”

“Show it to me”

“How did you do it? Who taught it to you? This is not how you should do it, just because your parent deals with math, you don’t show off”

“Teacher I solved it myself”

“don’t tell lies, you can only tell lies, and show off” out came the can, and the child was canned, and shamed in front of the entire class, the child learnt that day that thinking for yourself came with a price, the way to protect the inner child was to sting.

At the end of the day, I have come to conclude, that teachers could pretend to be friendly but somewhere are sadistic and evil to the core. Particularly the ones that deal with the younger ones.

“The Voice


this article is an excerpt from my NANOWRMO writing.

There is a voice inside of you
That whispers all day long,
“I feel this is right for me,
I know that this is wrong.”
No teacher, preacher, parent, friend
Or wise man can decide
What’s right for you–just listen to
The voice that speaks inside.”
― Shel Silverstein

As for the teachers I would like to meet, I do meet them regularly thank the ones that guided my growth, who stood by me as gained strength ready to lend me a hand, when I needed it, and the naysayers, the monsters I have a dartboard for them on my wall.

Written for 134 edition of Inspiration. A teacher you would like to meet again at least once.

prompt by saket kalikar who blogs at:

Verily Me

gratuateNo one knows you better than yourself, peep into your heart and describe yourself in one sentence. — is the challenge by Anupriya… well

I am that little girl..not so little anymore

with a lovely little curl

when I am good, I am very very good

when I am bad I am horrid.

The 132nd Edition of Indispire is a challenge, how do we fit a sentence in blog, how do we solve a problem like Maria..? how  do we hold the moonbeam on the sand…?.  And how do I describe myself in a sentence when I am even reluctant to look into the mirror. But a challenge is a challenge and I have to face it. This considering the last week’s Love and freedom prompt put off so much that I went off integrity that I had promised myself that I shall attempt indispire every week, but I made my XQs.

It is crazy just think of “Poo” hang on not cow-poo or Winnie the pooh, or even kick-a-poo, I am talking of the Karan Johar’s Poo from KKKG, essayed by Kareena Kapoor standing in front of a mirror and saying, ”okay sweetie lets list your awesomeness.”

Or Uriah Heep from David Copperfield saying, “I am humble.”

Or maybe like the titles of those Telgu Movies dubbed into Hindi, I should declare, ”main hoon khatarnaak” unfortunately the vision that emerges is that of Surpanaka with her nose slashed… thats a no-no too .


Image courtesy google

So how does one peep into oneself…?

There is no window, that I can use of course one would say eyes are the window to the soul but hold on buster, I can’t look into my own eyes it would be narcissi and imagine to the horror of horrors that would be the day to have a bad hair day and medusa takes my head over I will be stoned forever!!!

Wait a moment… I could try the Johari’s window… you know the story of the known, facade, it is kind of stressful for me, but psychologists swear by it, essentially draw a square divide it into quadrant,

  • box XX or quadrant 1 is the arena is what you know about yourself and what others know about you
  • Box XY or quadrant 2 is blind spot, what you do not know about- yourself and what others know of you.
  • Box YX or quadrant 3 is facade, what you know about yourself, but what others don’t know about you.
  • Box YY or quadrant 4 is the unknown neither you nor others know about you.

May be the easiest thing to do is to log to and take the test. It is quite fun.


this article is an excerpt from my NANOWRMO writing.

May be I should use the Myers-Briggs indicator created by Isabel Briggs Myer and her mother Katherine Cook Briggs… this is an introspective self report questionnaire but frankly that is more about perceiving the world and making decisions. For those who are curious .

I think I shall do it the hypnotherapy way, so I sit in front of the Shri-Yantra that I created for myself, it is Red-Green and Blue with gold centre,  I slowly breathe in and breathe out till my breathing becomes steady and now I throw the breathe out through my eyes, until my eyes become limp, now I breathe out so that my limbs relax… not much of an effort though for by now my limbs are on verge of beginning to snore and I invite my true, unblemished self to emerge… No peeking or squeeking  a clear vision of who I am … and what I truly… and I realize I am  truly …Eyesome…Awesome and Buxom,

Ps: turn of tides could make me Eyesore..Awful .. buxom wish I could say winsome..

Prompted by Anupriya #knowyourself—no one knows you better than yourself, peep into your heart and describe yourself in one sentence. She blogs at

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