Cashless and Clueless

Cashless and Clueless that is how I feel about Demonetization. On Anita's baiting I am sharing my escape of the Demon-it-i-zation kind. one  late evening Arnab no his rival in CNN was embarrassing his rectal muscles, by screeching his throat off, about 500 and 1000 Rs. going off the circulation beginning next day.  Suddenly hash... Continue Reading →


Vision 2050 A Reality Check

Where do I see India by 2050? BlogAdda wants a space on my blog dedicated to India, with a vision where I think India will be in the year 2050... Sorry to be a party pooper Here is the reality check... we are not a force to reckon with as we like to imagine, we... Continue Reading →

Can we have traffic Hygiene These are links that were sent by Goacan. Each time there are spates of accidents, brouhaha occurs. We start pointing fingers at the failing police system. But is it only the responsibility of the police to ensure that there is a semblance of decorum in the traffic. Accidents are accidents; they could be... Continue Reading →

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