Chek Ya Courage

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Mango meadows has gone kind of quiet with the few people who still have the courage to come rebelling against the protocol laid down. The second Robusta triggers lively debate about the current government but more importantly the lost entity called, ‘nation’ who wanted to ‘know’. My guess is the rest of the country said ‘no’ we are not ‘nation’ Ram Bhavan is a fading memory with my daughter telling me that it is shut down.

Indiblogger has done a wrap up too.

For some unearthly reason I pick an alteration with a twit in a brainless wellness whatsapp group! I’m seeing Sid Bellad’s Orbicularis oris twitching to diagnose ‘menopausal agitation’ or something equally idiotic. Let’s see BlogAdda has to offer

Well the WOW prompt for the weekend is define courage… and my most courageous act.  Currently the most courageous act is going for a haircut. But defining courage might be another story. Give me couple of minutes, I remember pop Glossop giving us an exercise to come up with our definition of courage… honestly I don’t know why Merriam Webster’s beautiful definition does not cloak all… it is total comprehensive and covers a lot of territory.

Courage is mental or moral strength to venture, persevere and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

But like chits said, it brings up an image of Lara Croft dashing through the jungle, with a gun in her hand and trashing up half dozen of hulky hunks. Is that really what courage all about… the man with gun?

When I took a session for a few kids, we came with the story of the Rabbit and the Tortoise; we asked the kids their take on it. Many interesting things came up, one was a kid who said ‘the rabbit of course was chilled, but the tortoise was courageous he knew the rabbit was faster, he still took on the challenge.’

 The counter arguments by another kid, was ‘the tortoise was foolish, he knew he would lose the race, yet he challenged the rabbit.’

Musing over what is courage…

Choosing to act despite fear – the famous dar ke aage jeet hai. Like George R.R.Martin says in the game of throne, the only time a man can be brave is when he is afraid. Triumph of fear is courage. Spaces of act instead of react.

Courage is following your heart – passion is that fuels us to achieve extraordinary things, to challenge ourselves and meet the challenge. This requires us to have faith in our intuition and the courage to commit ourselves to achieving the challenge. Everything else becomes secondary. Okay when do take dare there might be a moment of losing our footing, but if we do not take up the dare then we lose ourselves completely. A decision to embark on a journey of self discovery is painful to stay there takes courage, for those who have taken it on the sharp pain seems better than the dull pain of the unconscious or the perennial doubt of ‘am I really alive’

Perseverance despite adversity: when faced with adversity we have a choice either to withdraw of to forge ahead finding resolutions to the obstacles. Think about it a hero is not stronger than the next person; it’s only that he is braver 5mnts longer. Courage is not about punching the obstacle like the Hindi movie hero or pounding ones chest like Tarzan. Courage is the faith in the little voice that says I’ll try again tomorrow. It’s not about how big the dog in the fight is, it is how big the fight in the dog is.

Standing for what is right— there was a strange one that I came across by Eric Hoffer, we are so busy with anger management and classify anger as ‘sin’ but anger is the prelude to courage. Both stem from the space of caring. Courage is voice our truth and being willing to pay the price.

Letting go of the familiar is courage. If I have the courage to lose sight of shore only then can I sail the ship to find new oceans. Every day acts require us to move out of our comfort zone else life shrinks in proportion to our courage.

Dignity and faith in facing a suffering. Scars are the trophies that declare our valour. We do have failures, accidents the ability to face it and move beyond it takes courage. These could come from either mistakes or choices that we made or the consequence of a set of events. Either case acknowledging that we have had a result that we did not desire or perhaps deserve and working at overcoming it to reach the destination, is also an act of courage.

Now to invite ‘dhairya lakshmi’ or courage into your life. sit in a quiet place where no one is going to disturb you, put your mobile off and let’s focus on the definition of courage- choosing to act despite fear.—

Think of moment in your adult life where you experienced fear, yet you chose to face it. 

  • What was your body reaction then?
  • What thoughts came up?
  • What did you feel?

How did you overcome that fear? What did people tell you that helped you face the fear? At what point did the fear recede and a survival plan kick in? Now think back in your childhood, when you faced fear…is it the same or different from the adult experience? If it was different what was the survival mechanism then.

Now think of the current situation where you have fear or anxiety. What is the worse that happen in the scenario? Now see if you can apply any of the cope mechanisms that you have learnt before. If you cannot what is the barrier? Now how will you deal with barrier so that you can get rid of it?

Do this for 7 days, at the end of 7 days you will get an insight to what courage means to you. Now repeat the above exercise for 7 days with the personalized definition.

 Like the Scots would say Gang fin’yer coorage

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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