A simple promise of self help.

3pm last lap at my office, Thursday afternoon it is time for caffeine and musing. Tomichan as usual has fodder for the “Grey-Mater” is life simple and promising as the self help book say…As everyone and her husband knows as the 2nd Robusta transcends the cardia and pours into the stomach there is onset of ideas, but revolutions churned. So I’m trying to understand simple and promise and then see what is marketed by the self-help books and juxtaposition is with my understanding of life, and decree a judgement. Not a bad activity for a drooping  Thursday.

Promise I get is a predetermined result. To more precise it is a legally binding declaration that gives the person to whom it is made the right to expect or claim the performance or forbearance of a specific act. Whew! That was tiring. But it could also be a reason to expect excellence… got it.

My friends Merriam-Webster have a plethora of choice for simple… innocent that is free from guile. Being simple is being modest. Being simple is of humble origin. Simple is lacking knowledge, intelligence, social and cultural sophistication. Simple is being naive or credulous. Simple could be straight unmixed honesty. Simple could mean free of complications.  A sentence with one main clause and subordinate clause is a simple sentence. Like something fundamental is referred to as simple. When biologist talks of simple he could be referring to something having a single carpel, a fruit developing from a single ovary something not divided into branches. Simple could also mean controlled by a single gene. Think of it further simple is not limited or restricted…

This is like solving a geometry ryder.

Contemplating about life, from where I see it, life is not about how little we can get by with, that’s poverty. But about how we can acknowledge abundance and just take what we need. It is about how efficiently we can put things first. When we are clear about purpose and our priorities we can painlessly discard things that do not support. The challenge is to be our own person, that is to survive in the physical body and own the experiences that lets us survive in the physical body it may mean we are different from others so be it. when a person is clear about the experiences he or she would like to own to survive this world she or he knows who he or she is. This knowledge allows the person to eliminate from their orbit anything that does not align with her or his purpose and values. This makes life simple.  At the end of the day there are 3 questions to life.

  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want it?
  • How will I achieve it?

Self help books design themselves to answer these questions. The author provides interesting and entertaining accounts of their journey how they handled their breakdowns and breakthrough. But most readers are unclear about their goals, and the experiences that they would like to own, so they exhibit mimetic behaviour and take on the borrowed plumes. but yes with a little understanding of the self, our mind crafts the tailor made road plan for us it navigates us through our experiences in the physical body. I’m not saying that the self help books are rubbish or not be followed, but each of us has our own unique journey.

In case you need a little empathy try this. Close your eyes, and look at your body, you are made of colony of cells each of cell has intelligence. Now think of life as a living entity of which you are a part. Talk to it, tell it what you want to experience, and allow the experience to happen. Just like how you would place an online order and await the delivery do the same. Now tell yourself

Everything I need comes to me in perfect time, space and sequence. I am thankful for being in the right place and perfectly aligned. We are all blessed to trust that everything is happening in the divine order.

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