Sayonara 2020

#2020review while I was musing this over a cup of terrible coffee and a worse headache, Chits turns up with her best Army wife look, chiffon and pearls and in place

Maa Dosakurma.

“There is a review today” she was mentioning I wondered how strange that some words kept popping up. Of course Chits meant the some person or event was being honoured in the army set up. I remember last time it was “work review” that basically meant an inspection like it does in all work places.

While Amma uses stock taking instead of general survey lots of people prefer let’s review it. Prof.Dr.Shenoy was notorious for reviewing cases post-surgery it would critical evaluation of both the technique and the decision. Of course there is judicial examination which also goes by the word review. Definitely indiblogger is not asking me to do any of this what indiblogger is asking me to do is take an introspective view or survey of the year that went by”.

Reviewing is essential to evaluate something and evaluation is essential to progress…

It is so easy to make it about death covid, sushant singh, locust attack and forget about the political prisoners of Kashmir, the environment zone violation even the locust attack.

It is fashionable to talk about how we were so wrapped in egotistical things, career, family, money, paying mortgage, buying the new car, the inverter, the cook, that nature paused us to looking at our lives and saying is this all? Is this all I want? Is something missing so everyone and her husband signed up for Sadhguru’s discourse. In that case it is time for to turn to east and send a gratitude to China. Then turn to the west and thank the incoming locust for reminding us of the vanishing green cover.

All these are our opinions, which emerge from our experience and our understanding of that particular experience we learnt we could. Live without a cook, maid and the television. Some of us learnt to live with our spouses and some of us with ourselves.

Fine now let’s move on, and say “Rest in Peace” dear departed.

We are but human- doings so we took dance-class, baking classes, we wrote books and became home entrepreneurs. we learnt zoomantics we are now in the post world war II situation where the skills offered were of leadership, organization, power and taking charge but the skills needed were different. Then there were wounded soldiers and retired military now we have “Covid-warriors” and”covid survivors”

Despite Sadhuguru’s and facebook sermons our language is still about war.

Coming to how exactly it was well Karat-Komat-Karkat which is literally means salt, tepid and stale. The year has one by the memory of the year is nothing but having leftovers.

In my space the year was no different from any other.

I’m grateful to the joys that happened like my travel to Ludhiana, Amritsar, Kurukshetra and Mundgod. I’m grateful that I could break comfort zones in my professional spaces. I’m grateful for the quiet time I had in my house that nurtured me to heal. I am grateful that I have an amazing mother who still nurtures hopes that I will fight my demons.

After the reviewing the year gone by the I review the year by thanking it humbly thanking it for hosting me for 365 days. Sayonara 2020. Preferably not carry the insecurities on to the future, this way I can live my now to the best of my potential. Maybe a little ambut to my Karat-Karkat-Komet life…

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