Tick Tock Day2020


Tomachan Delivers a blow and asks a clichéd question….on new year resolution…

Maybe it is time to retrospect my altering views over years, so I have started with my oldest post I could find was 2013 it was an honest attempt at writing resolution with Coming Up Hogmanay Resolutions  I realized I was challenged when it came to writing resolutions. But he next day had come up with  resolushun-solushun   

That year round I plan to keep things very simple and I have honoured it.

  • Count my blessings and thank the Lord for it.
  • Do whatever I did last year, doing it better,
  • One day at time.
  • Creating my opportunities and honouring them.
  • Believing in myself.
  • Quitting is not an option, if something does not work, then I make it work.
  • Carrying things through.

In 2014 I think I chickened out of a resolution with the beginning is aye the day 

2015 was about going back to work, re-inventing myself doing what I love travelling, writing, and helping people transform their lives. Of course I was experimenting with dialects in English so I came up with the post titled januar calls a journey ay jeanatic kin 

 I also had a little bit of introspection to do with Rekindle Life   and the resultant post was its nae mah resolution 

 The 2016 post Let’s Resolve https://plinkyprompt.wordpress.com/2016/12/16/lets-resolve/ looked at what made me lose my sense of commitment towards my resolution. The resolution that year was pretty simple, tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 days book that I intend writing with a good opening line that goes Que Sera Sera…What Will Be Will Be. There was also a commitment to planning my work and working my plan.

Looks like I skipped 2017 unless I missed the category. Haa not really I realized it was about Co-Creating 2018 

2018 I had Listed My Wishes 5  it was more about giving and the belief was to work it along the lines of tithing. I had wished my dear friend Sadie clarity of thought, autonomy, and travel; connect to self-family-community and of course getting the body-mind-spirit balance.

2019 was kind of different with looking at affirmations, blessings, and dropping and dissolving with introspection on Tick Tock Day   I actually made a list of things that would have made the year that went better, what make the year to come better what are the resources that I require and how can I get those resources. then I looked things I had to drop and dissolve lot of stuff. I did not make a resolution; it was an Affirmation To Go With The Flow Of Things And Accept The Wisdom Of The Universe. The commitment was to harness the resources, I created a personal calendar using vistaprint and bought a planner from www.proplanner.in  

Despite this wonderful planning 2020 really pushed me with going with the flow of things and accept the wisdom of the universe, look at it, 91 springboard barely surviving, Mango meadows closed, covid-outbreak, locust attack, cyclones and flash floods all language of the past.

The language of the future 2021 remains unknown. Yes like all humans I have visions that I would like to manifest, I shall plan the work source the resource and commit myself to it. Beyond it  let the flow of the universe prevail.

The only change is I shall not add new things in my life as a new year’s resolution. Instead I would commit do more of what is already working for me and stop doing things that are time thieves, this would include people.

BTW what I discovered was most of the prompts were by blogadda.

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