How little is little

Do you think we can do a Kerala and request for Ram Bhavan to be open?

It is that little plate of golibhajje and the steel tumbler of kaapi that is messing up with me. The muse for the week was little things can make a lot of difference in life, how do you appreciate little things.

Before we go to appreciation let’s just look at the word “little” is a comparison, if something has to be little then there has to something bigger, better, larger, more powerful whatever. So how do we look at little? Is it linear? It is mass? Is it abstract ? is it the value?

If I were to appreciate the 10ml of kaapi that Ram Bhavan serves, is it little?… lets thing about it, to make that 10ml, Ramesh works in the kitchen he uses

  • Water
  • Coffee powder
  • Milk

It is then served by Vittala, I pay Ram Bhat with currency printed by RBI. When we begin to see the effort that goes into the kaapi

Water in the restaurant involves people designed the water reservoir, the people who made it. During its construction it involved transport of raw material, which in turn was sourced from other factories or mines, each involving some more people. These raw materials were brought by road which used god knows how many workers to build. The truck again built by thousand hands, the driver who drove it.

The water now travels from the reservoir to the taps, again innumerable hands at work.

The coffee powder, involves the coffee berries, trees, birds that pollinate the berries, the pickers who pick it up, the roasters who roast it, not mention the vendors who bring it Rambhavan and all the logistics that go into it.

This goes for the milk, and sugar to so what is the value of that 10ml of Kaapi? Can I really call it little. I’m not sure.

Unfortunately like most humans I do take things for granted.

The only way I can appreciate something or someone is the way I appreciate being appreciated, that is being totally present.

Let’s say we are looking at that dimensionally “little mimosa podia”  or the touch me not, the acrid smell it emits, the little prick its thorn gives. The way the leaves fold up when touched the pink flowers that looks like globe on which thousand pink  icicles are erected. I’m there totally with the flower nothing distracts me. Oh! yes I do not pluck flowers or leaves.

Dr.H.V.Hande the ex-health minister of Tamil Nadu has a gift, when he talking to person no matter how young he is so much in tune with that person that the person feels that he is the most relevant person. Dr.Hande says it’s not fake, because if you give yourself to a conversation no matter who it is with you learn.

The best way to appreciate is to connect, thank the universe for putting that person, thing, event whatever in your space.

Thus speaks MaadosaKurma.


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  1. Wow! This is profound, Ma’am. Right from the smell of kaapi and golibaje to the touch-me-not plants, this piece brought back my childhood and a fresh perspective. 🙂

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