Know thy Smile

It is Friday, and Friday is about Mango meadows and Robusta. With the pouring rains, every self respecting potato, wraps itself in flour and jumps right into the hot oil… can you smell it?
here I am harate…Kaapi and golibhaje on.(ie is gossip, coffee, and golibhaje). It must be something about Friday, which evokes the need to ensure that the contents of the cranial cavity do not suffer from disuse atrophy.
Just as I plan to mull over,”Smile the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone.”
or the famous,
“People laugh at Bo-peep and Bo-peep laugh back” from 80 days round the world,”
I am blissfully satiated and my Zygomatic Major muscle is contracts and the corner of the lip rises, when I read the question that Tomachan Matheikal tosses…
Nothing is more important than your smile … do I agree…
One does not need Pop-Glossop to remind us, of the smiles, and the smiles
The love smile that is like a secret handshake it sends warmth in the people exchanging it not to mention a the probability of slight increase in the sympathetic system efficiency which in turn would result in the dilating of the peripheral blood vessels of the face, ears and sometimes even neck.
Then we have the bright smile that says, “I missed you” between old friends.
The engineered raising of the corner of the lips without the connect between the eyes and the lips being activated, this is better known as the fake smile.
Little tilt of the head, the eyelids droop or gaze at a far away point, the breathe is even and the corner of the lip raises fractionally this is a reminiscence smile.
the passive aggressive smile of the sibling who is teasing you. Not only do the corners of the lips jump, so do the corner of the eye and the eyebrows. It kind of says, “I have the power over you.”
Then is that chin up, deep rapid breathe, rise of the corner of the lip or the victory smile that comes with sense of achievement.
The quiet, little smile which is greatly eulogized by the Sanskrit poets as mandasmitha. Where the lip parts, the breathing is not palpable, the teeth are not visible, or it is visible as a shadow?
Remember how we took that little child in our arms, and told her, “know something, little Lucy lost and smile, and we looked for it, up and down, high and low, left and right guess who was trotting up her arm’ and we would pretend that our fingers were the travellers legs, and climb up little Lucy’s arm to tickle her, she would smile, but that was only for a minute, then pain would return and she would cry over again. This is the Sisyphean smile. The smile that comes on a crying face momentarily and the crying resumes as the pain is remembered.
Early morning “good morning mama,” the sleepy smile of the kids, with droopy eyes, and bedraggled hair and warm from being wrapped in a blanket, or dreams.
Then there are many more, the psychotic smile before you are victimized, or the exhausted surrender smile that says okay you win. The malicious smile that says…I told you so, or the sad smile of lonely.
Pop Glossop gave us more dignified version of the smile, he called them.
The happy smile.
The fake smile, which is not supported by the eye, or there could be a total lack of eye contact.
The uncomfortable smile or a polite smile to cover discomfort. Particularly if someone says something inappropriate.
The seductive smile that makes eye contact with a delicate raise of the corner of the lips, this could be accompanied either by the dominant Royal come here command, of a demure, coy tilt of the head.
Finally the sarcastic smile of upturned lips the giveaway happens with the eye.
No matter what the contracting Zygomatic Major can cause powerful transformation. It gives us an insight to people’s happiness level. It tells whether the person regards us with amusement or ridicule or accepts and acknowledges us.
Having hijacked Pop-Glossop’s lecture, I have to add, that vision of people wearing only smiles and sauntering around is kind of scary.

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