Kid Word

Friday evening again,

Instead of the usual, evening at either Mango meadows or Diwan-e-khaas, it was an evening at 91 springboards with susegado homemade mango beer.

I normally like my drink bitter and hot or sweet and cold and not any other permutation or combination. But strangely the cold acrid taste of the mango beer was interesting especially since I was expecting a fermented aam panah kind of taste.

While everyone was busy with samosa-sandwich-start-up and beer combination I was reminded of the alumni meet at Manipal when a bunch of loud crass delhiwallahs occupied the table next to us, I was about to tell them either pipe down or choose an interesting topic.

I was distracted by a very purposefully charging 5yr. Old, she went right up to the table, glared at the group with hands on her hips, and the crowd did not really notice her,

She then picked up a fork from the table and rapped the table; the crowd now had her attention,

“How much noise you people are making. Didn’t mother teach you manners?” she demanded in a stern voice.

It was totally amusing to see the kids flabbergast expression, and needless to say the delhiwallah friends were quiet after that. That’s called from the babe’s mouth.

The second peg is always about musing and introspection. Ideas begin to hatch. So mulling over blogger Srinivas seems  right.

Have I been humbled by a child’s word or deed or learnt a lesson from power of innocence…

Merriam-Webster gives me three options for the word innocence

  1. Freedom from guilt
  2. Freedom from legal guilt
  3. Lack of knowledge.

“Aunty, can I get you refill” Shiva was asking, of course I nodded. Shiva is a boy who showed signs of corporate leadership right from his kindergarten days, he knocked competition down the stairs and ate up the noodles from his friends lunch box, after all he was convinced that papa went to office to eat noodles.

Along came Madam Jenny bright eyed and quiet, she watched Shiva in action. Shiva stuck his elbow to nudge Jenny’s sister Vivian, and guess what

Shiva fell down, didn’t break his town and his lunch box tumbled after…

“What happened”was the concerned query, Shiva looked like a trapped ferret, and Jenny just continued to lick the candy she was licking before replying, “Shiva push Vivi, Jenny push Shiva.”

“Jenny say sorry” some adult demanded.

“Jenny no, sorry Shiva bad. Shiva say sorry” said Jenny with a no nonsense finality. ..There is no guilt attached when one stands up for ones rights was the lesson this 3yr-old taught me

Legally not guilty lesson from a child not really of course one does not consider the lessons that the media throws through the delinquents.

“How many tickets” the vendor asked Sarojiniamma.

“Does the girl need one”Sarojiniayamma inquired in return.

“Yes if she is over 5yrs.”

“Then it is one and half, she is not yet 5yrs.”Replied Sarojiniamma.

“But paati, amma told me, I am five and half year old.”

This blog is written for the weekly prompt on Indiblogger

“yennamma, idu, don’t you know your granddaughters age” asked the vendor and Sarojiniamma didn’t know where to look. Call it the child’s ignorance or innocence but Sarojiamma was totally in an awkward space that day.

It’s amazing how these small moments reveal to us our own smallness.


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