A Drift

I returned to Shantala’s after a long time, and met Arundathi, a school friend,

“Hi” she said,

“Hi”I replied

“Hi, nice to see you”

“Yeah nice to see you too” I flashed my best smile, that didn’t reach my eye and hot footed right out. It is rather sad when after the few moments of conversation you nothing to talk about. Of course we carry on the façade most of the times, while wondering what would be the politically right exit line.

a companion as defined by Merriam-Webster is someone who you are closely connected with and share something similar or familiar, while a stranger is someone who is unknown or  unacquainted with. I do wonder what causes this, of course one might argue that it is the way of the nature, after all continents drift too. yes of course continents drift too and we have the great divide America and England divided by a language.

Here we are talking about a known familiar person morphing into an unknown stranger. Ever played the language game where you change a single alphabet with each turn and at the end of it all, you have an entire new word.

This process is probably something like that.

From the point where we…

Break away from the peer group to earn our daily

Bread we

Tread the murky water of life

To create a new trend of thinking.

You notice how changing one alphabet converted break into a trend. That is how change happens, one gesture, one person, one moment at a time. Life experiences change us too; we morph from the giddy teenager to jaded middle-aged person. From invincible to invisible.

I remember an acquaintance of mine who took to Buddhism, from a drunken crass person; he became a very calm person. From being abrasive he became a person who found the middle path. At this phase of my life, from an acquaintance he has become a companion, because we found that similarity that space which could contain both of us. he has an interesting narrative to share, he says those were the days when he just discovered Buddhism, he had to release lot of negativity and change his belief systems, he underwent hypnotherapy to achieve it. There was a huge change in his behaviour, he became calm and a little reclusive, causing concern to his friends, they would diligently ask him, ”are you okay, is everything fine.” Some even suggested that he should take help as he was turning depressive. Quite a few of his regular companions to the bar, or disco no longer hung out with him. When he did go out with them he was not comfortable.

Invariably, there is that moment when we begin to fall out of love, it could be with a person, a thought, an idea, a cause whatever no matter how much we try to retell it, that tiny event, an inappropriate word, a false note, that is the beginning of the estrangement. A change of perception, you could call it growing and maturing in different directions or call it drifting apart.plinky gossip

Which is why when you meet old companion the past, if you are in the present as you meet him, you will not meet the person you left, for he has travelled to his present? For you to connect with your companion both of you need to travel to your past.

PS:  for those who want to try the word  game

Indispire 184 by—Srinivasan



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