Good Job Done

My first Job,

When I saw the prompt my response was to write about my stint as teacher at the nursery school, when I was all of seventeen. But as usual, thought I should look up the dictionary to see what exactly the word meant… we talk of a Shilpa Shetty and her nose job, we talk of Job’s trail, we talk of Jobbing between semesters and so many things,  so here is what the Merriam-Webster has to say about Job

That Job is a  piece of work, especially small taken on order on which work is done….In that case my first job would be drying the papads, made by grand-mom, out in the sun with remuneration being zilch and the president awarded himself…in this case yours sincerely a papad popped into my mouth when I thought no one was seeing.

Then there is the context of something done for a private advantage… usually a criminal enterprise that could be damaging or destructive bit of work… well I guess some things better kept under wraps we shall not confess about the stolen gulab jamoons or the pepper in Aunt Agatha’s curry.

Then there are undertakings that require unusual exertion with a regular remuneration This is rather interesting, I had finished my 12th standard and was awaiting the opening of the medical college there was a good 4 months gap between the two.  When the campus decided to start a nursery school within the campus so that it would be convenient for everyone. As the school was new, and funds were low there were two teachers for a group of forty kids and they needed teacher helpers, here I was sitting at home, and I volunteered.

The kids thought it was rather fun, to have a teacher who wore skirts as those days teachers draped saree’s formal wear or wear to work was never the ubiquitous salwar-kameez that the Indian woman wears from the bathroom to the ballroom, but it the era of the Kota and Organdie saree’s. it was also the era of tied hair, so had a high ponytail like Veronica and Betty from the Archies.

The day would begin at 9 am and the kids would be all over after all they were preschoolers someone would howl, the other would decide to climb the window, one kid found the washing machine interesting, she would dump everything she found into the washing machine and command,”Washy-Washy”.

Part of the job was to teach them song and dance… the same Mary had a little lamb and god knows what, until a Oriya teacher joined in, she told the teacher in charge, since you are teaching them English, let the kids have a variety  I shall tell teach them Oriya songs and tell them stories from Oriya folklore.

That was the time I realized that the children’s rhymes and the folk stories were the knowledge imparting tools of civilization.

The four months were amazing and exhausting all for a princely amount of  500/Rs. In today’s scenario my remuneration would have no value because 500/- is demonetized!!


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