Imaginem Terribilis

I remember this particular Asterix comic where the fearless Vikings on a world rampage to discover the meaning of fear, they kidnap Justforkix the son the a Gaul chief, so off go our gallant Gaul’s Asterix and Obelix to rescue him. But the Vikings are reluctant to release him, until they learn the meaning of fear so that they can conqueror it. this definitely needed to fixed so in comes Getafix the druid who calls for Cacophonix the bard and suggests that Cacophonix sings for the Vikings as the bard begins his ballad, the Vikings eyes get glazed, their knees shake and they are inspired to run, Getafix tells them that now they were experiencing fear. To this profound experience add an involuntary vibration of the vocal cords, you can call it whimpering, I call it the Oculo-phonic connect, and the entire manifestation in me is me morphing as Image-a-fearsome.
The transformation to Imagafearsoma comes with its own incantations, and visual offering, like the needle…no not the needle pulling thread kind, this is the kind that comes with a syringe and it threatens to penetrate the skin and enter the subcutaneous region…can you imagine how profoundly moving the scenario is think of the possibilities the needle could snap then it will flow through the venous blood till it reaches the appropriate Atria and somewhere between the journey from the Atria to the ventricle it embeds itself into the muscles of the heart…. and this minute piercing could kill you do you understand the danger of it all it infinitely more dangerous than crossing the road at peak hour. The only way to overcome this is to master the needle so here I am a surgeon now I get to wield the syringe.
Some minor triggers also help the manifestation of Imagafearsoma… like the epidural injection, well that easily overcome, not my circus not my monkey the anaesthetic worries about it.
Another popular invocation for Imagafearsoma is called the Writebyrotalis… who is goes by the popular name examinaxuns.. is identified by the need to commit everything to memory and write in out on the papyrus sheets without using back-up information. When this particular invocation is used then Imagafearsoma appears with an challenged intestine and hypothermia next exams when your body turns cold you know who you have invited… there is no known strategy to overcome this except quit college.
There are also not so powerful invocations, like the loud noise from behind the door, the oncoming drunken driver so on so forth… here is what I tell myself each time, I must not fear, fear is the mind killer.. fear is little death that brings total obliteration, I will face my fear… I will permit it to pass over me and through me…when it has gone I shall trace its path with my inner… and walk right in the opposite direction.
The most effective incantation again fear that I have heard is from JK Rowlings while facing Boggart which is actually the fear of fear turn towards it and say…”Ridikulus.”
‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


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