On Giving and Receiving

Joy of giving…

Is there joy in giving, of course, the day gave it back verbally to a figure of authority who persistently put me down, was so empowering, I gifted myself the permission to reclaim my self esteem. The day gave the physical blow to my abuser I gifted myself liberation from feeling a victim. But that is not what you are talking about right, here we talking charity

Somewhere we were told the giving hand is more powerful that the receiving hand, the receiving  hand is weak, we were taught it is better to give than to receive. So each time I received the hand me down from a cousin who out grew her clothes, or an aunt because she outgrew the fashion, a part of me would feel happy, that I was trendier than the rest, but it also told me I was insignificant, I did not merit having anything new.

What I figured is most of us fear and pain, that we give more than we receive, if we receive more than we are being compromised, as humans we stand an infinite soul yet we go ballistic about not receiving in proportion to what we give, our view point kind of gets clouded, in our own eyes we become become some kind of drawing on the pad of the universe… and the race evolves, I give x and receive y, this equation is so fearsome, and we are surrounded by that fear without realizing it we internalize it.

While actually the nature of giving , loving or living is all the same it is reciprocity, we are told to be the guest is to receive, to be the host is to give, but maybe it is the other way round, I do not know, what is the guest who gives to the host and host who receives? With each guest we get to welcome, feed and revel in the energy of someone we love and honour. Maybe the connect of the guest and host is like the connect of the giver and the receiver, a mutual exchange of gifts predicated on respect and joy…?

We are so busy about being generous, learning how to give…give gracefully…give proportionally…etc. etc. we have forgotten the art of accepting a gift.  Accepting is more difficult because accepting is perceived as the space of scarcity while giving is perceived as the space of abundance. When we accept a gift we are allowing some to express their feeling.

Until we learn to receive with an open heart we can really give with an open heart.

The big question here is what am I giving to the universe… only that will come back.

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