We are all Samurai’s


Well Anita you have asked me to take my session three for the course I conducted on theatre for the BBA students. Anyway, this is like putting it together…

There is a vital question you left out who is a hero or defining a hero …

  • a person greatly admired for his great or brave act or fine qualities
  • a person who is admired greatly.
  • The chief male character of a play or story.

The third I think is a stand alone; I would rather say the male character round who the play revolve. If I were to talk about Indian plays, or stories the Hero is called the Nayaka or the protagonist whose story we are narrating.

To be called the hero according to Sharadatanya the author of the treatise on drama called Dasarupaka the person has to well bred, charming, liberal clever, affable, popular, uright, eloquent , of exalted lineage, resolute and young, endowed with intelligence, energy, memory wisdom, skilled in chatushashti kala mighty, vigorous, and obeys order in short a person who is a figment of imagination.

Hero’s are further classified by Sharadatanya as Lalitha, or the young light hearted hero, the Santa the calm collected, Udatta the self contained and exalted, finally the Uddhatta or the exalted, yet jealous and arrogant. These classifications of course have subtypes.

In the author Joseph Campbell goes the describe what makes an hero when talks of the hero’s cycle, the hero according to him is normal laid back person until his placid existence is challenged by some adversity. Initially the hero is too laid back to face the challenge, but then accepts it. Usually come across in threes. He is supported in this task by two friends that again bring in the three, who not only strengthen him but they are also his weakness. The universe would bestow a mentor to him who is usually a wise elder, fairy, and wizard something or someone who has the ability for magic. He also comes across someone who befriends him, but is actually the tormentor.

The hero traditionally fails his task twice, then when he realizes his blind-spot and takes the help that is offered to him he wins over the challenge and finally get trophy …the princess, the kingdom whatever.

Here is the rendering of the hero from a story tellers point of view, if you are at heroes as people who are admired greatly then heroes are made by the path they choose and not the power they have, like Ronald Reagan observed heroes are not stronger than the others they are stronger five minutes longer. Being a hero also means ignoring how silly we feel.

“Think of all the stories you’ve heard, Bast. You have a young boy, the hero. His parents are killed he sets out for vengeance. What next?”super heroes
Bast hesitated, his expression puzzled. Chronicler answered the question instead. “He finds help. A clever talking squirrel. An old drunken swordsman. A mad hermit in the woods. That sort of thing.”
Kvothe nodded. “Exactly! He finds the mad hermit in the woods, proves himself worthy, and learns the names of all things, just like Taborlin the Great. Then with these powerful magics at his beck and call, what does he do?”
Chronicler shrugged. “He finds the villains and kills them.”
“Of course,” Kvothe said grandly. “Clean, quick, and easy as lying. We know how it ends practically before it starts. That’s why stories appeal to us. They give us the clarity and simplicity our real lives lack.”
― Patrick RothfussThe Name of the Wind

To be honest we are all ordinary, we are all boring, we are all spectacular, we are all shy, we are all bold, yet we are all heroic  yet we are helpless at times, it just depends on the day, we are all Samurai’s here.


written for Indispire 141, prompt by Anita who blogs at http://www.anitaexplorer.com/





3 thoughts on “We are all Samurai’s

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  1. Well expressed with info from drama treatise & authors’ views.
    We are all Samurai. That makes us powerful like a hero! Agree with your last line. It’s up to us & our performance 🙂

    1. I have a worksheet for the students to create a hero’s cycle it is amazing the resistance that they come up with initially and once they do over come the resistance they come with wonderful stuff.

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