Mask and me


disguiseMirror, mirror on the wall,

Give me the right mask of them all,

Before you ask,

I believe my mask,

For it makes the man who is me,

The stench so foul, the offensive odours

With my mask on…stops people’s shudder.

The putrid rotting meat,

The mask of spices allows us eat.

I believe my dance, it is my destiny..

But the music…

What cacophony it drowns dare I ask?

Whose voice does it drown…

Voice, is it, the other or my own?

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Dare I unmask me…

It might be bewildering to see the real me…

Somewhere deep within,

Are secrets kept well within,

this article is an excerpt from my NANOWRMO writing.

The wicked ones,

The unkind ones,

The powerful ones

The fearful ones,

Mirror , mirror I ask thee,

Who is the shadow, who is the mask and who is me?

written for edition 133 Indispire,  masks and masks, masks everywhere what is that the mask tries to hide? put it in prose, poetry, poem, micro-poem or Haiku. prompt by Durga Prasad Dash who blogs at


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