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gratuateNo one knows you better than yourself, peep into your heart and describe yourself in one sentence. — is the challenge by Anupriya… well

I am that little girl..not so little anymore

with a lovely little curl

when I am good, I am very very good

when I am bad I am horrid.

The 132nd Edition of Indispire is a challenge, how do we fit a sentence in blog, how do we solve a problem like Maria..? how  do we hold the moonbeam on the sand…?.  And how do I describe myself in a sentence when I am even reluctant to look into the mirror. But a challenge is a challenge and I have to face it. This considering the last week’s Love and freedom prompt put off so much that I went off integrity that I had promised myself that I shall attempt indispire every week, but I made my XQs.

It is crazy just think of “Poo” hang on not cow-poo or Winnie the pooh, or even kick-a-poo, I am talking of the Karan Johar’s Poo from KKKG, essayed by Kareena Kapoor standing in front of a mirror and saying, ”okay sweetie lets list your awesomeness.”

Or Uriah Heep from David Copperfield saying, “I am humble.”

Or maybe like the titles of those Telgu Movies dubbed into Hindi, I should declare, ”main hoon khatarnaak” unfortunately the vision that emerges is that of Surpanaka with her nose slashed… thats a no-no too .

Image courtesy google

So how does one peep into oneself…?

There is no window, that I can use of course one would say eyes are the window to the soul but hold on buster, I can’t look into my own eyes it would be narcissi and imagine to the horror of horrors that would be the day to have a bad hair day and medusa takes my head over I will be stoned forever!!!

Wait a moment… I could try the Johari’s window… you know the story of the known, facade, it is kind of stressful for me, but psychologists swear by it, essentially draw a square divide it into quadrant,

  • box XX or quadrant 1 is the arena is what you know about yourself and what others know about you
  • Box XY or quadrant 2 is blind spot, what you do not know about- yourself and what others know of you.
  • Box YX or quadrant 3 is facade, what you know about yourself, but what others don’t know about you.
  • Box YY or quadrant 4 is the unknown neither you nor others know about you.

May be the easiest thing to do is to log to and take the test. It is quite fun.

this article is an excerpt from my NANOWRMO writing.

May be I should use the Myers-Briggs indicator created by Isabel Briggs Myer and her mother Katherine Cook Briggs… this is an introspective self report questionnaire but frankly that is more about perceiving the world and making decisions. For those who are curious .

I think I shall do it the hypnotherapy way, so I sit in front of the Shri-Yantra that I created for myself, it is Red-Green and Blue with gold centre,  I slowly breathe in and breathe out till my breathing becomes steady and now I throw the breathe out through my eyes, until my eyes become limp, now I breathe out so that my limbs relax… not much of an effort though for by now my limbs are on verge of beginning to snore and I invite my true, unblemished self to emerge… No peeking or squeeking  a clear vision of who I am … and what I truly… and I realize I am  truly …Eyesome…Awesome and Buxom,

Ps: turn of tides could make me Eyesore..Awful .. buxom wish I could say winsome..

Prompted by Anupriya #knowyourself—no one knows you better than yourself, peep into your heart and describe yourself in one sentence. She blogs at


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