Vision 2050 A Reality Check

vision 2050Where do I see India by 2050? BlogAdda wants a space on my blog dedicated to India, with a vision where I think India will be in the year 2050…

Sorry to be a party pooper

Here is the reality check… we are not a force to reckon with as we like to imagine, we will be a force to reckon with by 2050, simply because by 2022 we will over take china as the country with largest population.

The world population projection for 2050 is 9.7 million, though major population explosion as a continent will be in Africa.

The life span wills more so the global population will get older, the number of people of 65 and more are projected to triple in US particularly the population of seniors is expected to double from 41 million to 86 2050 2

This would mean workers are pressured with greater number of dependents to deal with. It would mean a trade of young for old.

There are various other challenges that are emerging, like a scarcity of essential commodities like water, fresh water might become an issue unless we begin working on it right away.

With governments focusing on non-agrarian development environment gets threatened.

Exceeding mineral diesel is resulting in carbon saturated climate, increases in temperature resulting in loss of natural resources on one hand and decreased agricultural production on the other.

biodieselIssues of carbon sequestration in the soil, contaminates the soil again damaging the cultivation. So one hand we are talking about increased population and on the other we are talking about decreased food production, this directly leads to food security. Since access to food would definitely be an issue.

The only answer here is sustainable development, which is what UN is looking at, and we need to look at if we really want to be a force to reckon with.

Sustainable development is actually 2 ideas.

  • Impact of economics, social and environmental culture on one another.
  • A sensible workable dynamic to make the planet survive longer.

vision 2050 3The entire world is interconnected and humanity as a whole is affecting everything aspect of the planet. Look at the disparity, on one hand we have China creating magnetic travel, while Dhaka still deals with cycle rickshaw. We are somewhere in between and we are in both the terrains.

If our development has to be sustainable, then we need to understand the 4 dimensional challenges, of economics, sustainable work culture communities, compounding it with political governance.  The four dimensions would be, economic, social, environment and government systems.

Sustainable development also is having a holistic view of how the society should be, that would mean we develop normative or ethical approaches in identifying goals for the society. This goal should bring about economic enrichment which is accessible across gender, religious and racial ethnicity.

this article is an excerpt from my NANOWRMO writing.

Sustainable development is to ensure maintenance of biodiversity. It might be a good time to give up mineral diesel for Biodiesel.

The crucial aspects of sustainable development would achieving well being and prosperity, whose key markers would be

  • Health
  • Life expectancy
  • Working span of an individual.
  • Growing food, and managing its transport to meet the basic needs of the country.

If we do not head for a holocaust, then 2050 comes with multiple challenges of aging society, increased population, polluted climate, carbon sequestered soil, a need to produce more food and fiber to a growing population on a smaller rural labour force. Diminishing fresh water, eroded natural resources.

Here is a time to look at the alternates and move towards strengthening rural India. It is also the time to create start-ups that are focused on the needs of the country to sustain and develop it.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


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  1. I certainly see our future in bad shape. Man may be reaching Mars and staying there in future but not before turning earth into a bin. We all need to ensure that we don’t harm our surroundings and ensure a sustainable development. Nice post and +1 for sustainable development !

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