Grammar Gorilla and Love

bettyDefine true-love, if not….write hundred times?

Return after 6 months and appear the supplementary?

I wonder what it the consequence.  The next issue is this a major question or a minor one. if it is a major one I would have to go through noun, verb, its difference so on so forth.  Love is all pervading; it is used in English as a Noun, Verb, adverb and even adjective. Maybe we call it an action producing noun?

Lets see, love as Merriam Webster defines as a noun..

  • a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person.
  • attraction that includes sexual desires, a strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship.
  • A person you love in a romantic way
  • A kind or helpful person – this is a British usage—I would call it a term of endearment.
  • Expression of love and affection Give them my love
  • Feeling of great interest, affection or enthusiasm for something often for something, like love for singing.
  • A score of zero in tennis.

Love as a verb

  • To feel great affection for someone.. we do love our family very much.
  • Sexual or romantic love – she loves him , she loves him not.
  • To like or desire something very much – take pleasure in something – we would love it if you came with us
  • To do very well in something – the plant loves dry soil.

grandmotherEven Merriam-Webster seems to shy from using the word to represent the actual physical engagement between men and women…live Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor made love. Think about it. are we not quite prudish still.

But truelove is an wooden rocking horse that used be quite popular between the two wars. Most houses had them. these were hollowed at the underbelly, where kids would hide things. Dame Agatha Christie has used this as the start of one of her books.

Greeks identify four kinds of love

Agape a biblical concept of the love of god for his flock.

Eros the sexual passion. Since Plato talked of overcoming initial  physical attraction to intellectual companionship led to the emergence of the term platonic where we are talking of no physical intimacy

Philae affection and regards between equals, a concept developed by Aristotle.

Storge which explains “loving the tyrant” as the word is refered to parental love. It is also used in terms of love for ones country, a sports team whatever.

Kamadeva the Hindu god of love, has rati and preeti as consorts, and vasanta the spring as his companions, he has five arrows in his quiver which is described in the gita-govinda as

this article is an excerpt from my NANOWRMO writing.

Sammohanah ksobhanas ca dahanah sosanas tatha

Uccatans ca kamasya banah panca prakirtitah

The five arrows represent fascination, disturbance, burning, desiccation and disturbance.

From Mills and Boons we learn that true loves come as tall dark and handsomely ugly hero and a heroine who is aggressively independent, on the outside but who is very gentle and sensitive on the inside. Barabara Cartland comes with her version of when true love is experienced the heroine with the heart shaped face and crushed violent eyes , and the saturnine aristocratic hero hear doves flying, I forgotten what Dennis Robins and Harlequin Romances doled out.

This blog is written for 130 edition of indispire. Prompt define true love or….Love tossed by Pradeep Gadagesh who blogs at


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