How late is it?

watchI was browsing through the archives of BlogAdda, suddenly I came across the winners for the social media vouchers, my name was one of them. I realized it was too late to retrieve that voucher, I had lost the opportunity to attend a prestigious social media meet. well for I moment there was disappointment, but then I felt maybe it  was not to be.

But this moment of regret, “It is too late now” has oft been uttered. Yet everything comes at the right time.

“it too late now,”  Sunita had lamented five years back when her husband had ditched her for another woman. “I am 55 what will I do?” it was scary, of course it is always scary to start over again, be it school, a friend or anything else, here she was at the end of a relationship.

“I should get a job, but who will give a job to a 55yr.old school dropout”. There was anger sorrow in her voice. The core of her identity as a mother, wife, everything telling her that things are not right she was feeling unsafe, a kind of desperate she was beating herself for not finishing school.

“Listen Sunita, you take care of my Calangute outlet,” offered Sunil a friend.

“I don’t know how to.” She replied, “I’ll guide you,” retorted Sunil.

Hesitantly she put a foot forward and took on the Parata Place, slowly and steadily.

Today five years later  at sixty she has married a widower, who used to eat regularly at the Parata place, her job still on, she is at peace.

I am hearing the same, ”it too late now” from another Sunita who is 40yr old lawyer despite doing 5yr. Law from National School Of Law she has opted to be a stay at home mom, donning the mantle of the good Agarwal bahu, one fine morning, she happened to log on to her computer when she chanced on her husband’s chat with another woman her entire world collapsed, self respect crumbled, she feels wasted.

“There is no place I can go” is her cry. Looking back the other Sunita didn’t even bother about it, she went to Manjushri who was in charge of a hire a women’s only hire a taxi, for three days she slept in the car used Sulabh facilities, then moved into a working women’s hostel till her finances were sorted and she could buy herself a place.

this article is an excerpt from my NANOWRMO writing.

Actually the linear time line is something that is our belief, there is no too late it always the right time, what is short is our leap of faith, yes if we are talking about an incomplete conversation or closures that we need to have again it is not too late, it can be done at anytime, what is needed is courage and conviction.

Yet I have seen just as many people who began their jog rather late, people who shifted streams, people who have decided to follow their passion, it is not about lateness leading to lastness, it is about beginning, do it just now do not push it further.

his post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


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  1. So true! It is never too late for anything. We are all different and even if did do things at the same time like others, we would not achieve the same results. Let us find our paths and follow them as best as we can….

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