A Begining–Chronicles Of Monday

The Monday chronicles,

Many words will be written on the wind and sand, or end in some obscure digital vault, but the storytelling will go on until the last human being stops listening. We can then the great chronicle of humanity out into the endless universe, but speaking of chronicles, chronicles are historic books of canonical Jewish and Christian scriptures, so what would I Monday chronicle.

Today I am maligned as the day of depressions, of course I have all those failed romantics to thank for , the Boomtown Rats who sang “I don’t like Monday” the Bangles who sang ”Maniac Monday” even the ever prosaic Garfield has a disdain for me, but I am like the donkey that Christ rode to the cross, I am the beginning of it all in the western calendar.

I am between Sunday and Tuesday, for traditional Hebrews, Muslims and Christians I am the second day of the week, while ISO 8601 accords me as the first day of the week, I am the first day of the working week.

I am also the day of silence, the day dedicated to the sacred moon, Monday’s child is always fair of face, and is guarded by the Archangel Gabriel, the angel of Mercy. Yes I do chronicle various dedications, like

The Big Monday on the ESPN which shows the college Basketball games, the day of unimaginable sale, the Monday after thanks giving, its the Cyber Monday. The Easter Monday or the bright Monday after the Easter Sunday. The Handsel Monday of Scotland, is the first Monday after New Year. The Mardi Gras, and Lundi Gras before lent, are mad celebration, and Rex the king of the New Orleans Lundi Gras arrives on a boat of Shrove Monday. Australians, honour me with Mad Monday to announce the end of the season of professional football. Plough Monday of the English agrarian calends, follows the Plough Sunday, when a plough is taken in a procession from house to house, this procession comprises of musicians, and an old woman called Bess, there are times when Bess is a young man dressed as an old woman people hand out money to the procession.  This is celebrated on the Monday after epiphany, and the Plough pudding a boiled suet made of meat and onion is eaten.  Wet Monday of Poland and Ukraine, is Smigyus-Dyngus  some traditions have boys dressing up as bears and going in a procession knocking the village doors, elsewhere girls are dunked with water and whipped with Pussy Willow by the boys and girls do the same to the boys on Wet Tuesday that is the day after wet Monday. Of course there is the Whit Monday of the Pentecost’s this is in association with Easter.

Black Monday which records sad events on Monday, but then this could happen on day of the week, though somehow, Monday’s and Friday’s seem to be a choice for the disasters, I  know physicians who discharge patients on Thursday and ask them to return on Tuesday, just to keep the death rate in the register low.  Oh! Yes, I am labelled as Blue Monday when i am the Monday of the 3rd week in a Month, by malign me for the mid lunar madness? I know people are most depressed then.

If the bards let me down with their Maniac Monday’s and I don’t like Monday’s  Superman wins over the universal evil in the comic Miracle Monday published in 1981.

this article is an excerpt from my NANOWRMO writing.

Judaism considers Monday auspicious for fasting, and the Torah is read in public on Monday morning. The Eastern Church commemorates the Angels On Mondays, for all of you who are born on a Monday, your Archangel Gabriel is the angel of Annunciation., the angel of mercy, he is associated with the colour white ask his help to remember the purpose of your life, and help you add more discipline to your life, he will open newer ways for you to express yourself. He announces the coming of goodness and opportunity, he is powerful and majestic and imparts his vast knowingness to you through his energy. Gabriel reminds the Monday born their duty, it is emotional balance, communication, purity and guidance.

Try the affirmation “Today I will embrace all that comes into my life and raise the spirit of others.”

Hope the walk through the history-culture and cannons, heralds a New beginning in you.

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’  28th May 2016




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