Crucial Call

plinky coffee and cakeStir, stir, everything seems just right, and another 5 minutes and it is mission accomplished. the crown is really beckoning me.


Did the telephone have to ring just now? Spoiling everything. The telephone seems such a demanding. Every time, the telephone rings it gives me a dreadful start, I never got used to this machine, the way it crouches on so malevolently ready to start clamouring for attention when you least expect it, like a mad baby. It is an instrument of intrusion into order. It is a threat to control, just when you think you are alone and safe,  and begin to whip that batch of Mysore Paak, and you are trying to recreate just like granny makes so that you can claim her cookery crown … the invention of Dr.Graham Bells, gets activated with the same flat mechanical noise for everyone giving no clues whatsoever of what or who is waiting on the other side of the line.. this noise…it could totally change your life, by ensuring that you deliver a burnt batch of Mysore pak, or it could mess your guests life by  making you serve it undercooked

If you think whipping up Mysore pak is as easy as picking it up Anand Bhavan you have another one coming. Making it at home is an delicate art. I remember my grandmother diligently locking the front door, entering through the back door so that she would not be disturbed during the process.smartphone

1cup gram flour (kadale hittu)

2 cups of sugar,

1 ½ cup of ghee,

½ cup water.

Roast the gram flour, till the raw smell just goes, then roast in ½ cup ghee till the aroma begins to waft. Boil the sugar and water till it becomes stringy, now add in the roasted flour, and remaining ghee, keep stirring till the ghee starts to leave out.

Grandma  used to say if properly done all the ghee can be retrieved.

Just as I was having a break through, Dr.Bell’s invention declares war!!

Sometimes, I am convinced that telephone is an invention of the devil which abrogates some of the advantage of making a disagreeable person keeps his distance. In a way it is the greatest nuisance among conveniences and the greatest convenience among nuisances.

this article is an excerpt from my NANOWRMO writing.

Look at the parody of it all, I we were to use Alexander graham bell’s product which is to say the blower, we should in all courtesy use it as he would have wished, and Dr.Bell insisted that all phone calls should begin with the words, ”ahoy, ahoy, ” though God Knows why, he insisted on this, and he has no known connection to the navy,  Nobody really took cognizance of it, instead the suggestion of Dr.Bell’s greatest rival Dr.Eddison to say “Hello” has been adopted. That is kind of unfair.

The most irritating of it all is that call that comes through, “Hare Krishna, Hello” for while I thought I was receiving Harikrishna’s calls by mistake, but then it turned out that the caller was sanskari.

Anyway, with my concentration broken, my batch of Mysore Pak, has turned to Eye-sore pack!! The only way I can get over this great let down, is with a Patiala Peg.


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