Call to Action.

Post emergency era,

In a small sleepy village called Manipal is a sleepier high school. The library hall consisted of pre-teens and young adults none over seventeen.

A tall man who was reduced to wheel chair entered the room. He was wheeled in. and he started talking in his baritone timber. Over the next two hours he took the students on a journey, remember this is an era of no power point, or sound track.

The journey began with the gungi-gudiya and crown prince wanting more power. He talked of how the president was asked to sign the emergency and every voice that opposed it was suppressed.

The journey of people who were nabbed from their homes, imprisoned in unknown prisons, the torture by the officials, many  who died in prison and many like the speaker maimed for life. he had us shaken he had us motivated he had ready to pick the cudgels against the empire.

This man went to no public speaking school, nor was a toastmaster he was just a man who lived in integrity with his belief…The country knows him as Micheal Fernandez.

I am reading an Agatha Christie novel Destination Unknown, Dame Christie makes an interesting observation here, “the director of the establishment is just a facade, he is the person who is there because of his orator skills, he has been an evangelist leader before and an actor before that.”

Then there is the famous observation of the German woman who attended a speech by Hitler, she came saying she was all fired with nationalism when she heard Hitler but when she sat down to think about it, she could recollect his words, it was the air and the resonance.

From this space when I look at the current day, “professional motivational speakers” carefully marketed I often think I rather have a pastor who committed every horrible sin and repented, than a pastor that has no place of reference  or provides a burrowed  place of to preach redemption to a packed chapel full of sinners.

When I am done with considering all these evidences, and pronounce a judgement, and a lean back take a deep breath to actually see how effective these people are… the truth dawns, it is not about the speaker it is about the listener.. it is the listener who is ready for the change.

When life becomes an aware experience of truth, then everything becomes self-explanatory.  We are never as good as everyone tells us when we win, and we are never as bad as they tell us when we lose.

Here’s a scary thought, what if God called you to give beyond your comfort level? would you be afraid?  Would you try to explain it away or dismiss it as impractical and in the process  would you miss out on a harvest opportunity for which God had explicitly prospered you in the first place?

Confused are you? Sometimes when we are dealing with breaking from a comfort zone an external push does help.  Maybe that is the single push that will change things for you… maybe you should head towards…


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