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Tell us your blogging story, like I have mentioned before if I got a dollar for every time this question is asked I would be a millionaire by now. I am seriously considering adding a new category to my book blog and my blog on answering prompts,  that is “My favourite author” and ‘Why do I blog”.

Indispire asked the very question on april 18th 2014!! May be this is a take stock, refocus and get your writing goal right point. . So before I answer, the question I wonder what inspired the question.

social responsibility
is this why I write?

Albert Camus wrote that the only serious question is whether to kill yourself or not. Tom Robbins wrote that the only serious question is whether time has a beginning and an end, what comes across to me with this, is that Albert Camus got out on the wrong side of the bed, and Tom Robbins’s alarm didn’t go off. The only serious question that elicits an answer is what shall I cook for lunch, answer me that and I shall tell you why I blog, whether to kill yourself or kill someone else.

citizen journalist
Is this why I write?

Question themselves could arise from various source, randomly inspired by Sri Sri Ravishankar I could say they could be inspired by

  • Misery the why me kinds, the only way to answer this is just hear them out, These are usually people who love playing victims.
  • Anger its not fair, and person is being quite judgemental, in these cases sometimes answers can bring about resolution. But in most cases it gives rise to more questions.
  • Attention seeking. People of this category ask question just to show people that they are there and the fact that they are noticed gives them satisfaction.
  • To gauge or test the other person’s knowledge or dept. they already have an answer they want compliance.
  • The sincere seeker is the fifth type who really wants to know something and have the faith that the person they are asking knows and will tell them. this is the only question that merits an answer.

So Jay Neog where does your question come from?

this article is an excerpt from my NANOWRMO writing.

Interestingly, when some says questioning it takes a total different intonation from asking questions.  Maybe we could get more clarity if I took the time to ask “what does this question actually mean, what does Jay want to achieve with question.”

Jay, do you know what happens to lads to who ask too many questions?

Take a deep breath and be prepared, they get ANSWERS, and serve you right.

Now why do I blog and what is my blogging story that was your question right…well …Here’s why  and …Here’s why

The Buddhist Philosopher Nagarjuna says that each time we read the book, the anubhava or the experience is different. for between the questions there would other anubhava’s and Jnana that is experience and knowledge that would influence the reading. I guess the same goes for questions too. The answers vary each time because the insight varies.




4 thoughts on “Re-Run.

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  1. I’m glad you decided to question me instead.

    I would have been proud to tell you that my question came out of what you call ‘The Sincere seeker’ but it didn’t. You have to understand that when you throw a question randomly into the internet, the last thing you can have is faith that someone will provide you with a perfect answer or anything at all.

    The reason is my mere curiosity and nothing else. And what do I want to achieve? Well! It is a bit complicated. I seek stories and not answers. I raised it to learn more about people like me and to curate blogging stories into one place and see if they hold any difference.

    I am sorry that you found my prompt repetitive. I wasn’t aware at all that the same question was once asked before, some two years back and I also didn’t know that you have already answered it twice. I joined IndiBlogger much later than April 18th 2014 and I am sure a lot of other people did too. I wonder if you thought about it even for a second that what might be repetitive to you — might be new to someone else. I was more than happy when “you people” voted my question up. It is obvious “you” have answers. And if you don’t, there was always this option to ignore.

    Trust me; my question didn’t arise out of any of the sources that you mentioned. My intentions were very simple. 🙂


    P.S – Make Roti and a Paneer sabji for lunch. My favourite.

    1. 🙂 good, thanks for solving the lunch question. If you were in Goa I would invite you for dinner right away since it is the menu for the night.
      Also thanks for the dignity you give yourself. I am not being sarcastic but it is a rare but necessary quality, to take responsibility.
      As for my blog, I choose to answer it, that is my problem not yours, you chose to respond, I am honored
      Yes i choose to question where you come from because that would render my answer relevant, and lay the foundation of the connect, again when I choose to write an answer I choose to connect.
      More than anything I realized the relevance in asking a question, I think I left out one aspect of the questioner who poses a question when he knows the answer that makes the person feel powerful…?
      For me every prompt is an intellectual exercise.
      The only time I was annoyed well I had to eat the humble pie but that’s another blog. 🙂

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